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posted below are some other POV streaming videos although these may well not be within the cuckoldry genre due to this new video from Kick ass is the first title


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new video kick ass Evie Delatosso ....

Evie Delatosso is cuckolds POV bitch and to be honest I'm amazed that studio hasn't produced a good cuckoldry POV video

For those not sure POV stands for point of view in other words the camera is viewed as being a third person least in cuckoldry, so when comments are made about the husband they are directly spoken straight into the video camera

The question is does cuckold & pov streaming really work? and to be honest YES ! after all unlike so many other pov streaming titles where the conversation or in most cases orders are directed towards the camera you really do feel like the video is being directed towards you.

Having suck a horny hotwife like Evie Delatosso does help a lot after all this latino babe is enough to have any guy cumming in his pants and with her looking directing into the camera and telling you to suck the guys cock what else are you do then follow her orders

I'm glad its Kick Ass Pictures that have attacked the cuckold pov market and you can be sure due to the runaway success of this new video already that other studios will be following or maybe another series, so watch out for Cuckold's P.O.V 2 !!

Free screen shots from this video thats for streaming, download or PPV .....

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  • Cuckolds pov - The very idea of letting some other guy fuck your wife whilst you watch is something many guys couldn't cope with, but what about if a builder was to come into your house then directly say to your face " say bud, I'll give you a massive discount if you let me fuck your wife" and with the wife being Evie Delatosso you can see why he's asked!

    Needless to say the husband has a fucking fit and tells the guy just were to vanish but the problem this husband has is Evie Delatosso over heard this and from the way she's looking at the building bulge in his pants is more than up to fuck him

    Looking over towards the POV camera she tell YOU that she's got every intention of fucking him and YOU can sit there and watch him fucking me. With this they drag the husband into the bedroom and make him sit down and watch as these two start stripping off and Evie Delatosso starts sucking the builders cock

    The problem is this wife has other ideas and getting you closer tells you that she wants to see you sucking this guys cock off and whilst at first you don't move eventually you move towards him and starts sucking his cock making him rock hard and ready to fuck your wife whilst you can nothing other than watch

This video is extremely well done with close ups that really make you think you are in the room and the clever way the cuckold video is directed all the attention is pointed towards the camera so really making you believe you are in the room

This style of porn video has been around for a while but this is the first attempt within the cuckoldry genre and its a VERY good video so give it a go you'll be really glad you did and be waiting for the next cuckold pov video

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