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True life Dorset Stories - Weymouth cuckold story..... read on - I almost fucked Dianna twice.  She was coming onto me pretty strong, but I kept ignoring her overtures.   I knew she was taboo though.  Being my best bud’s friend, I couldn’t just fuck her like that and leave him out.  It was getting too unbearable.  She would sashay her nipples in front of me as if they had a right to be there. 

Her jeans were always just tight enough to make me get hard real fast.  Dianna’s ass filled out the pants with ease, her smooth waistline made her more sexy.  Joe had a good looking woman.  And I was his best friend.  I just didn’t know how good of a friend I was going to become.

My dilemma came with actually fucking her or being morally correct.  In the past Joe and I always shared girls, it was no big deal.  When females met us they knew up front we were a package deal.  But this was different.  Joe had fallen in love with this girl with the super sized titties.  He had begun to talk marriage.  That shit scared me.  Not Joe.  We vowed to never give up our freedom, at least not until 40.  If he married her, I wouldn’t have anyone to share my war stories with.  Our friendship was doomed.

I had to figure out a way to break them up.  If I could convince Joe that Dianna tried to come onto me, then maybe he would see what a detriment to our friendship this woman was.  I knew Dianna liked to suck big cocks.  Joe had told me her dick sucking techniques were the glue that held their relationship together.  She had a dick sucking addiction.  

The woman could not get enough of balls and cock down her throat.  Well, her weakness was going to get the best of her.  Tonight, a new woman would be exposed to Joe.  This friendship had to be saved. Or at least I thought it did.  You see, they both had a surprise for me that night.

Dianna had fallen for one of my player plays and wound up right in my lap.  She was enjoying herself, sucking the hairs off my balls while Joe watched.  He was getting off as her sharp nails dug gently into my gonads giving me an extra kick to the tingle I already felt.  Her tongue licked every inch of my cock, paying attention to it like a schoolchild does their ABC’s. 

I kept her head buried deep in my scent, with my cock down her throat all she could do was moan.  Her head became my bobbing toy, directing it gently then forcefully onto my waiting rod.  I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to wait until I had a load worth shooting.

“Yeah baby, take it.  I want you to swallow this cock.  Suck till your jaws lock up.”   Joe was sitting on the sofa taking it all in like it was common stuff.  He was watching as his wife gave me the best head in the world.  I could live with head like this.  Not many women could suck dick, the way Dianna was. 

It was every man’s desire to receive a good blowjob.  It was a rite of passage.  With me being a freak extraordinaire, I was always reaching for the next level in sexual pleasure.  Tonight, I was going to fuck Joe’s  girl.  I had to.  Joe would understand, he was probably wondering what was taking me so long to do it.

I could tell that her pussy was getting wet.  She was squirming the more she sucked.  That was when I decided to put my long rod into her wetness. My hungry cock found Dianna’s love hole and made its way into the treasured land.  I could feel her pussy expanding each time I rocked her.  I loved an accommodating hole. 

She accepted me easily, moaning and gyrating her little hips to a beat only she heard.  I was pumping her deep, driving my hardened cock all the way inside her.  Each stroke touched another nerve; bringing out loads of cum on my shaft.  Joe seemed to be amazed at how Dianna was taking my cock.  She rode it like she hadn’t been fucked in years.  I just laid on my back as she struggled to let that tight pussy of hers take it all

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