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bifem looking for females for lots of great sex. I would prefer single contaqcts only but will consider couples so long as the husbband just watches and nothing more as right now I'm NOT interested in dick
Eastney / Portsmouth

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young bifem looking for couples for threesome or girl on girl fun. I'm 19 so only looking for contacts under 25 and if possible around Fleet. I'm not into anything kinky just enjoy great sex and sometimes prefer women
Fleet / Hampshire

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Just moved to Liss and looking for new bifem contacts as I love spending time with females, in fact more than men these day. Will consider husbands watching so long as thats all
Liss / Hampshire

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I live in Portsmouth Hampshire and for months I’ve been wanting to have sex with another women, its odd I don’t class myself as a bisexual female more just very curious and now after months thinking about it I’ve done something about by joining a cuckold swinging website and at last meeting some contacts

I had a email from this couple called debbie & Paul that live in Havant so not a million miles from me and they wanted to meet and from looking at their photos Debbie was exactly my idea of an interest possible first time partner, as for Paul he seemed nice and if I was looking for a male sex contact then I would have considered him but I wasn’t

We arranged a time and I drove to theirs, at first the atmosphere was a bit tense but then Paul opened a bottle of wine and that got us all relaxed. Debbie was a bit of a big girl but not a BBW she had long blonde hair, but massive tits that I could see clearly through her black see through top and all the time I was sitting down her tits were really mesmerising me  almost calling me over.

Paul then put some music on and Debbie got up and started dancing and that was all I needed to get up and join her and almost the moment we touched we started kissing, softly at first then hard and passionate, I looked round and her cuckold was now sat back in on the sofa watching but that didn’t hold my attention for very long as Debbie undid the top of my jeans and slid her hand inside my knickers and instantly found out that my knickers were soaking wet and a shaving fanny that was crying out for attention

she walked me over to the sofa and we both sat down and carried on kissing each other but getting more and more heated the longer the kisses lasted, Debbie then started running her hands over my breasts while still her husband just watched which was more than OK with me, I then suggested that she took my top off and what started with my top ended up with me sitting on the sofa stripped

Debbie move her attentions down to my tummy kissing as she moved down before finding my soaking wet fanny and started to play with my first with her tong gently then pulling my legs apart and pushing her fingers deep into me, her poor old little cuck was now sat opposit watching all with his cock out wanking like crazy and this was enough to bring me up and explode over Debbie’s face.

Pushing her away I pulled her top & jeans off as I wanted her gorgeous pussy laying down onto the floor she laid on top of me and started to eat her out sticking my tongue deep into her and she loved it which encouraged me to use some fingers on her arse as I know it drives me crazy when guys lick my clit and finger my arse and now that applies to girls as well as from the way Debbie was groaning she was loving it and Debbie came first with a huge scream and a shudder of delight and with this I did  again but this time I squirted all over her face and she licked up every drop of my love juices

That was the first time I had sex with another women and more so with the husband watching and since then I've had more bifem contacts but not with the husbands watching anymore than was a one off and from now on I prefer only women only the guys can buy a adult dvd if they want to watch girls fucking

Sorry guys but this bifem is for the girls only now

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