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Black males looking for cuckold wives or should I really say cuckold husbands, you know of all the cockold contacts I've spoken to most have a fantasy about watching some black contact or swinger fucking their wife

Contacts like this are literately only a few clicks away as we have loads of black contacts or should I call them bulls so what are you waiting for !!!! wanna have have fun?

Until I got into the swinging industry the idea of being able to find local contact to fuck my wife seemed just a dream and my fantasy to watch her being fucked my a black guy with a massive cock really did seem like just a dream that both my wife & I had............well that was a long time ago and since then we've had more than a fair share of black horny males

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  • [Private - View Ads Click here ]- mature black guy looking for couples for fun. I'm 46 slim and built for speed although I never rush things. I'm looking for couples only preferably cuckold swingers so husbands can watch some black meat fuck their mrs. drop me a line and lets chat
  • [Private - View Ads Click here ]- wife wants black cock! and who am I to stop her. I've posted this ad without her knowing as its been one of her biggest fantasy for as long as we've been together and as we have a very open marriage I don't mind sitting back and watching the fun. She 29 very sexy & extremely fit, in fact most guys would die to shag her and I get her all to myself every night. anyone contact me please attach a recent photo otherwise I won't reply
  • [Private - View Ads Click here ]- single black bull looking for horny housewives for daytime fun or cuckold husbands that want to watch the wife playing with some black meat! I'm 32 slim and hung like a donkey so make sure the KY is on hand. I love all types of sex so long as its safe. But I'm not into threesomes so please don't ask to join in (sorry, had fun with a bimale once NEVER again)
  • [Private - View Ads Click here ]- Hi Paul here from Portsmouth in Hampshire I'm a 20 something horny black guy that loves to fuck white ass, so if your wife wants her first black cock and you want to watch in then drop me a line. We cab chat via webcam or chatroom first then arrange to meet up either way I don't mind and we can take things slow if you like
  • [Private - View Ads Click here ]- VVWE Black Male (26) looking cuckold couples or horny females, I'm a well endowed black guy from Yorkshire (yes black guys do live north of London) and a very experienced black swinger. I love the cuckoldry lifestyle & scene and I can play the black bull well. I'm after youngish white couples ( max 35) that want to spice things up in the bedroom. I don't mind threesomes, anal, oral. Drop me a message and some pics

These are only sample ads just to really give you an indication of what our members are looking for and what our black bulls are posting. As a members all these ads can be viewed along with any photos the member has posted but only PAID members will be able click to see the large photos, free members will only have small thumbnail images .

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