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Made to stay downstairs whilst black male fucked my wife

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Sit downstairs and listen.

It has to be said that being a cuckolded husband isn't for everyone and read between the line this man didn't quite know what he was taken on when his wife told him that she wanted to be fucked by a black swinger!

so a plan was set in monition to first finds a contacts site, then hopefully some black guys that will fuck the mrs, although I DO WANT to watch, which I don't if this will be a problem or not being a newbie cuckolds

my wife had always wanted sex with a black male even when we were first seeing each other see would make reference to her friend that was fucking some black guy, but then I just laughed it off after all we were young and in love.... but over the years and now married she still sometimes made a reference to fucking a black guy, so one night after a few drinks I suggested we did something about it

So we turned to the one place were we knew we could find out about contacts and swingers so turned the PC on and "binged" it - it didn't take us long before we found a few cuckold sites and found out thats what I was going to be a bleeding cuckold husband, sound like a stupid term if you asked me.

We joined up to this site and it was long before black males were contacting us and having vetted a few went with the guy that seemed nice and he said he's had some experience fucking wives whilst the hubby watched, although when I said this to my wife she did give me a bit of an odd look, but at the time never thought anything of it

The night soon came round and as expected my wife took a lot of time getting herself ready and knew that this evening was going to be interesting and wasn't really sure if I was going to enjoy this or not, but I thought what the heck, in for a penny in for a pound as they say

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Mark turned up bang on time and after a few drinks could see that my wife was more than ready to fuck him, so suggesting we took the wine upstairs and carried on drinking it there, so all three of us walked upstairs and getting to the bedroom door my wife and Mark walked in and following behind was stopped at the door!

"where do you think your going" says my wife and looking towards her laugh and she said "NO" your not watching me this time and if your lucky may let you next time, she then looked at me telling that she'd been reading up on cuckoldry and quite got into the idea of having total control over me and with that told me to go downstairs and she tell me later how good Mark was if I was lucky and good little cuckold

sitting downstairs I could hear them fucking upstairs and from the sounds coming out of the room she was having a good time and this went on for a couple of hours till I heard them walking down the stares and going straight to the front door, after a short while my wife returned into the room, looking at me she said "upstairs NOW" I've got a pussy that need cleaning out!!

That was the start of our cuckold swingers life and since then thankfully my wife has let me watch her with black males and YES its worth it

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