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crossdressing husband looking bulls to fuck my wife while I'm dressed. I'm straight and not interested joining in just watching and would love to hear from black contacts
Bassingham / Lincolnshire

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Hi, horny wife looking to find someone to fuck my sissy crossdressing husband. He's been into Xdressing for sometime but I've never seen him with another man and now I want to.
Billinghay / Lincolnshire

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mature crossdresser looking for bulls for fun whilst the wife watches. we are 56/49 and. We've both been into swinging & crossdressing for some years but now my wife wants to video whilst I play so contact us for more info
Boston / Lincolnshire

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Xdressing Husband story!
Crossdressing husband sucks cock ...

Crossdressing cuckold what ever next but I tell ya it does sound fun! and Crossdresser Karen from Skegness in Lincolnshire tells us about what happened after his wife wanted a threesome

I love this story and hopefully Karen will send in other Trannies cuckold stories about more threesomes and swingers contacts that they've been getting up to - enjoy reading this great story ...........

As a crossdressing guy I'm think I'm about the luckiest guy as my wife fully supports my need to dress up and does' t even mind me walking around the house dressed although she's never agreed to going out with me which I've done on occlusions. I'm not bisexual and its just that fact I love dressing in women's clothing that I enjoy and now thanks to the internet have meet up with a few other crossdressing contacts although for those its always been non-sexual

That all changed a few months back after my wife checked out this cuckold contacts website and told me that she'd like to fuck a guy while I watched! now at first I wasn't too happy about this but the more she told me things and her secrete desires the more I wanted to try - little did I know as a crossdressing male and straight that I'd also end up sucking some guys cock

She always had this little domineering side to her and a few nights afterwards just told me she'd placed a swingers ad on this website and if I liked could read it but she'd already had some replies and one guy was coming round tonight !!! FUCKING HELL - her ad was

"Dominate Hotwife looking for single male contacts. I'm 36 got all the right bits in the right places and my husband has never complained! I will want my husband to watch, although he's also a crossdressing male but he will not be getting involved and will just be a Xdressing cuckold. Drop me a line for more details but we can accm and live in Skegness in Lincolnshire"

After reading her ad she asked if I wanted to see the guy that was coming round? and after checking out his profile & photos new we were going to be in for a fun night. We both got dressed up and Sue put some of her best slutty stuff on likewise I did the same as this guy fortunately new I was a crossdressers.

The door went bang on time and we invited Iain in, at first thing were a little tense but after a few drinks things got much better - My wife then suggest we took things upstairs as I knew she wanted to play and had spent more that enough time looking at Iains photos to want his cock in her, once upstairs Iain sat on the side of the bed and Karen walked straight up to him, Iain then put his hand on her thigh to which Karen moved it up under her skirt, then pulling her knickers to one side started fingering her.

Karen then looked over to me and could see her new crossdressing cuckold was sitting their with a massive erect cock under my skirt and with that stood up and asked Iain if he wanted to fuck her? with that he smiled and pulled his pants down exposing and very health cock !!

Karen then lowered herself down onto his cock and started to fuck him hard, looking over to me she told me to come here and knell between her legs so he could see closer her getting fucked so I moved over and was so close could smell her juices and she then pulled right back with his dick falling out telling me to "suck him"

At first I just looked then she pulled my head towards his dick not saying anything to Iain I just started to suck him off and I could tell the way his cock jumped that hew didn't expect that and at first he said to stop but as I sucked harder he was starting to enjoy it better so much so that he started to cum so I pulled my head back just in time for him to cum all over Karen's cunt

With that she told me to eat her cunt out and pushed Iain's cock into her so that she could cum and it didn't take her long before she also came and then pulling back all Iain's cum trickled out and Karen then made my lick out her creampie! - again we'd watched creampie eating husbands adult DVDs but never thought I'd be doing it - like most things once I started I soon well got into it

Afterwards we chatted for a while & Iain said that whilst he didn't have a problem fucking someone's wife while he watched have a crossdressing guy suck him off was a first and wasn't sure he wanted to experience it again

We did here from Iain again although we have now adjusted the profile to included a bi crossdressing husband wanting to experiment with other guys and since then the number of replies have dropped a little but we still getting them and even had a reply from a guy living in Skegness so we are meeting next week but since then we've also checked out some streaming cuckold movies

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