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Looking for Cuckold blogs? Want to read about what other couples are getting up to, or maybe just chat with others about the cuckoldry lifestyle?

Look no further than cuckold 247 for one of the best blogging systems online!

But for many the term blogging may not mean anything so in a nutshell it's like a online journal or dairy for people to post in about experiences or indeed anything that should happen to them & as this is a cuckold website this blog no great surprise is on cuckoldry.

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With so many blogs going around finding one that has active member list and members regularly posting is the hard thing after all what's the point in logging into a blogs where all the entries are empty and if you look on the screen shot below it will give you some idea just how busy our blogs is! I find blogs a great way to understand the cuckold lifestyle or indeed from a bulls viewpoint find hotwives as postings do seem to be made across a wide section of members both cucks & hot wives and it's a real insight into cuckoldry lifestyle.

Want to see what our cuckold blogs look like? Here is a screen shot from just one day showing the blogs entries & replies:

Cuckold Blogs

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