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Hi I'm looking for dominant males to train my cuckold wimp of a husband in the art of being a good cuckold, he's 36 and I'm 55 but you must be an experienced seasoned "BULL" and love fucking wives and teasing husbands with what a true MAN can do with a women

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Slim attractive women in a cuckold marriage. Looking an attractive Bull who knows what cuckoldry is, what a Bull's role is within a cuckold relationship. As we have two children would prefer guys who can accommodate. We have all the great vices and love to smoke / drink & fuck ;o) but more so my husband loves to wank while bulls fuck me. I'm not into Anal sex and DON'T want to try it but otherwise anything else goes ......

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Cuckold chatrooms! you know thankfully private members only chat rooms are just about the best place to meet up with others with lets say "similar interest" and as we have just about the best online chatroom its also the busiest

One of the main advantages to a members only chatroom is it does keep the idiots OUT after all how many times have you been into a chat room either adult or non adult related and its either invested with idiots or sometimes worse SPAMMERS, we not at Cuckold 247 as our chatroom is monitored and any member not following the rules will be asked to leave or worst case if very bad BANNED !!

Great features for Cuckold Chat

  • looking to chat with other local cuckoldry contacts? easy use the Find a local contact within the chat room
  • Read cuckold Blogs and make your own postings
  • Want to show other members your pics or videos then by selecting the members you can show these directly from the chat room
  • Crap at typing! then try voice technology so can talk live with either other cuckold husbands or horny wives
  • members online chatroom Spammers are not welcome and BANNED
  • Set up private chatroom's and only invite the contacts in you want to talk with
  • Try the sexy emotions for a bit of fun and an instant response
  • Chat with multiple members at anyone time as we no restriction of how many members can chat
  • Talk direct after viewing members profile, with direct chat this means after reading a profile you can click to talk if the member is online
  • More Private rooms
  • Our advanced super chat means no more waiting around for page refresh and you REALLY can enjoy "live chat"
  • Want to see who your chatting with? not a problem if you have a webcam turn it on and within seconds you can be seeing who your talking with
  • Profile photos can be displayed within chat! How many times have you wondered what the person looks like before chatting? well now you can by checking the members profile
  • Free access to cuckold forums

And these are just a few of the main features that members have of Cuckold 247 have and with the amount of couples looking for single males and needless to say single guys looking for couples the chatroom is NEVER quiet .............

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