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xdressing male looking for guys / bulls to fuck my wife while I watch. I'm into crossdressing but won't be getting involved as I prefer to watch only. We are 39/35 both fit and slim, so drop us a line if you want to chat
Portsmouth / Hampshire

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bisexual cuckold couple looking for single males for cuckold fun. My husband xdressers and is bisexual so will want to join for some of the fun. He's into sucking & wanking but nothing else so drop us a line if you want to meet up. we are happy to accommodate once we get to know you
Dorchester / Dorset

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Single male after couples for cuckold fun. I l.ove to wear women's clothing more so knickers and would be great to find another couple similar. I'm 29 single and for the right couple happy to travel
Chichester / West Sussex

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Hi fellow crossdressing cuckolds, you know for a long time I've known about guys that like to dress in women's knickers & tights but never thought for one moment that I'd class myself as a crossdresser

it all started a few years back and since then my xdressing has gotten more frequent within our day to day sex life, although more dressed in her knickers when I get to watch her fucking other guys, here's my little story of how I got into crossdressing cuckold sex

We'd been messing around one night in bed after more than one or two drinks and my wife tied me to the bed and put her knickers on me and noticed how as she was doing this I was getting more turned on, so then put her tights on me as well! which by the time this was done I had a rock hard erection & she wanked my cock just stroking against her knickers which made me cum inside a minute or so which for me is pretty unheard of as it takes me a while to cum

After we chatted then a few weeks later one night alone I put her knickers & tights on and played & wanked my cock and was really loving it till my wife walked in and caught me wearing her knickers & tights!!! and she told me if it was OK for me to have a fetish she wanted one and she told my that she wanted to be fucked by another guy whilst I watched and dressed in knickers & tights, although told me I had to buy my own as more often than not they end up getting ripped

We put an ad up onto a swingers contacts website after horny men that wanted to fuck my wife, with the understanding I would be present but only to watch and would be in knickers & tights, and from looking at the other cuckold ads I wasn't really asking for much more than the others so hoped guys would be up for it

We checked the next day one guy Andy dropped us a line and as he was hung made my wife more than interested to meet, and as he was happy for me to sit their wanking off while wearing women's knickers was the ideal cuckold contact to get round here

The evening soon came round and my wife got dressed in some really hot "fuck me" outfit that basically was a short dress, no knickers & really horny shaven fanny that just shout out "do what every you want" and with her walking around like this I couldn't stop myself from having quick finger as she walked past, but I was soon put in my place that fingering my wife was not for me!! it was the bull that was going to get her and I was going to watch and nothing more! and from the look she gave me knew I was going to pay later

She looked at me telling me to strip, then shaving cock & balls put her knickers & tights on, then just at that stage the door went and it was Andy. Once in the hall my wife took complete control and I could her her doing something in the hall and getting up to see saw her leaning against the wall while this guy was already fingering her cunt! & her mood changed into a right domineering bitch & cuckquean telling me to go and sit in the front and she will call me later

She took Andy to the bedroom and from downstairs could hear the sounds of them having sex and this was driving me nuttts but also a real turn on sat with her knickers& tights on and an erection what wanted to be played with, after a while it went silent upstairs and she came downstairs telling me, never to finger her again without asking first as that's for her bull to do, and should I do this again would have the pleasure in humiliating her cuckold husband in front of her bull, by making me lick her cum filled creampie cunt, or maybe even suck his cock so with that I followed her to the bedroom.

Andy was laying on the bed and my wife told me to sit back and I could wank off but only by rubbing my hand over the tights I was wearing and she knew this would bring me off fast and with the mood she was in did as I was told, she then took her skirt off and lowered herself onto his cock and with that started to fuck each other.

They were fucking hard and just watching and stroking my cock made me cum very quickly & they carried on fucking for at least 20 minutes during which time she must have cum at least twice before he shot his load into her

After we all chatted and arranged to meet again, and whilst he was OK about me dressed in my wife knickers & tights knew we would never be able to have a threesome but when IU suggested this to my wife she had a frigging fit and took me back upstairs for more punishments

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