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hi - we are a young couple from hampshire thats really just getting into the cuckold scene but my wife loves dogging and outdoor sex and really wants to group fucking in a forest. Does anyone know any places around Portsmouth / Hants as we can't travel far due to children.
Portsmouth / Hampshire

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cuckold couple that prefers outdoor meets to indoor so looking for either private dogging locations or places to meet. I've posted some photos of my wife and I think you'll agree she's more than fuckable !. Also her preference is bareback sex so please only contact me if your happy to bareback fuck my wife. I will not be getting involved just watching and taking photos
Gloucester / Gloucestershire


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Husbands watching Wives Dogging Genuine cucks Pics

If truth be known isn't cuckoldry & dogging almost the same thing? after all most dogging couples are all about the husbands taking wives out to UK dogging locations then sitting back and enjoying watching the wife fuck and suck strangers off!

The UK dogging scene has always been far more prominent than the cuckold scene least in the media but husbands have been watching there wives fucking strangers decades, but now "thankfully" we have the name dogging where husbands can meet up with total strangers and fulfil his voyeuristic tendencies and enjoy watching the wife fucking outside

The key with all dogging meets though first is finding "safe" cuckold dogging locations and second finding the males to fuck the wife and whilst you may well think finding these males is just a case of turning up at a dogging location, you try finding one where the police are not patrolling it 247 and doing there best to spoil our outdoor sex meets

But thankfully this is where swingers & cuckold sites really come into there own by using forums to post details of dogging meets they are arranging and even better when members post places and locations along with times

No longer do you just have to sit around waiting in some dark car park hoping some horny couple will turn up with a wife that wants dogging sex, now you can read postings made by couples that are looking for outdoor dogging meets where the husbands are only too keen to sit back and enjoy watching some guy fucking his wife in a UK carpark

Check out some recent posted photos from cuckold dogging couples - these images have been edited to protect the members identities, but as a member you'll get full access to all images - also with contacts details

With the demand for cuckold dogging meets so high we now have dedicated forums so members can post details of locations, photos they have taken and arrange meets with males

Finding locations and members is also easy as the dogging forums is split over regions meaning you can quickly find dogging contacts that are close to you so as either a single males looking for horny wives or couples after males it really takes no effort at all and you know the real bonus .................its FREE to join

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All photos posted are genuine cuckold dogging photos that have been copied from members profiles or dogging posts - we have thousands more

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