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cuckold rules or Advice for couples & Bulls...

Ok there are no HARD fast rules or etiquette for Cuckolding Sex a lot really does come down the cuckold couple, the hotwife & the bull to follow some common guidelines

More often than not the Cuckold husband will make up some guideline to be followed and from the couples I've spoken to over the years these rules will be pretty firm and they will not expect the bull or indeed the cuckolding husband to break them

Cuckolding Sex is a very exciting sexual genre for could that like to play the game of fucking while partners watch and for all three parties involved the Bull (that fuck's the hotwife) the hotwife ( wife/ partner) and the cuckold husband who is normally sitting on the sidelines watching and if acceptable videoing the wife getting fucked, but everyone will follow some pretty basic cuckolding sex etiquette

We are going to look at some basic rules / cuckold etiquette for a three members

  • More often than not the rules that the cuckolding husband will put in place will be their to protect his wife and maybe even a little bit of his ego, after all we know cuckolding is about cuckquean's taking control but that type of contact are very far & few between more often is just a run of the mill husband that wants to watch his wife getting fucked
  • Cuckold sex is NOT a threesome you are there to fuck the wife nothing else so if your a bisexual guy and your looking for a threesome then look at contacting others types of contacts - not unless again by prior arrangement the couple have said they will want the husband to join in
  • Fucking the Husband!! yep in some cases the wife may want to see this so again when your speaking to the couple make sure you find everything out, after all the last thing as Bull you would want is going into the bedroom and seeing a guy on the bed waiting for your dick, or I don't know that maybe your turn on as well
  • Cuckolding sex will always take place when the husband is watching so don't try to arrange meets behind his back or ask to meet the hotwife when he's not around if there's one thing that would course a problem trying to fuck some guys wife without his being their is enough to do it, once he's watching thats fine LOL
  • Most cuckold couples will be looking for your regular sex, nothing abusive or rude not unless prior to meeting you the couple tell you that they enjoy humiliation or degradation so keep it respectful after all your fucking the guys with. If you are a bull thats looking for more rough sex then check out profiles from members into BDSM, discipline or for the extreme sadism
  • Safe sex !!! yep some wife's will not want bareback sex for either health or maybe they are not on the pill of the husband has had the chop so if they ask you to wear a condom use it
  • Don't become obsessed with the hotwife! and turn into a cyber stalker if an arrangement is made online then meet up have your fun and leave it at that if either couple want to contact you they will after all the last thing they would want is some guy constantly asking about the next time he can meet up and fuck your wife!
  • Privacy!!! sometime when meeting couples they may not want to meet at their home and quiet often to protect their privacy couples will use local hotels and even some if your into dogging sex will want to meet at a local dogging location and maybe even let some other voyeurs watch you fucking his wife

If you follow these basic rules and etiquette along with using your common sense then you'll all have a great time and probably enjoy cuckoldry as much as thousands of other members are

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