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If your new to using vod then here's a few screen shots from the previewed Roman Videos and they give you some idea of what's on offer. With Cuckold VOD you'll get access to all the great movies produce by Roman Videos within their "cuckold fantasies" videos - enjoy and trust me once you start using vod you'll never buy cuckold DVDs

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Roman Videos with one of the best cuckold video series and its "Cuckold Fantasies" has constantly won award after and award for not only producing quality streaming porn but voted by AVN for Best Specialty Video and you know to win that they have to be good .

With its take on cuckoldry firmly putting husbands into truly cruel situations its no doubt the producers enjoy humiliating husband and indeed in some cases boyfriends into either forced obedience, sissy submissive sex or just hot wives making weak husbands do exactly as they are told and taking cuckolding cruelty to unbelievable extremes, creampie eating, forced snowball and even forced cock sucking seems the normal for Roman Videos

I've always been under the impressing that too many cuckold VOD studios are jumping onto the micro niche but Roman videos for many was the first and the best to offer an insight into forced cuckoldry and by check out some of these recent DVDs you'll soon understand why !!! its pure quality from the start to the to finish

Cuckold Fantasies Adult VoD

  • Cuckold Fantasies 10 - Its the latest streaming cuckold movie from Roman Videos and with many fans expecting something special they won't be disappointed, with the opening scene having a great black bull with some Interracial cuckoldry, now it that doesn't get you interested How about not one but two cum shots followed by forced creampie eating by some weak husband as this wife's husband licks the cum from his wifes cunt after taking a load from her bull and not pleased with that sits down onto his face and show us what a bitch she can be rubbing her cunt as she laughs at his pathetic small cock, heaven. more
  • Cuckold Fantasies - it was the video that started it for Roman Video and least for me introduced me to "Harmony Rose" fucking yum now it that was a wife of mine how I would love to watch her getting fuck by other males. The cover introduces what cuckold porn is about talking about cheating wives, which by now we are all very familiar with but for me its the scene with Hot dominate Mistress Harmony as she forces her husband to watch whilst she fuck's guys and ridicules regarding his small cock as she takes a fucking from another "Real Man". more
  • Cuckold Fantasies 6 - She gorgeous, a hotwife and Amanda Emind would put any weak husband down especially when she gets out a chastity device and forcing her husband to wear it then tells him that he's now got to watch one male after another fuck her all whilst he watches but its one thing these weak husbands know is to obey her even down to being made to eat cum from her pussy whilst she smothers his face by sitting on him - more
  • Cuckold Fantasies 2- Not happy with just fucking other guys whilst the poor little hubby has to watch but this bitchy hotwife feminizes her wimpy husband dressing him in frilly knickers and making him act more like a women than a weak husband!. These women live to humiliate & feminize there men and this video is a classic introduction if you've never seen this before - more

These reviews are from my own views after I streamed the movies and I've really got to say I've very basis when it comes to Roman Videos as it is clearly some of the best cuckoldry porn going and once you've streamed some titles I'm sure you'll agree and be waiting for Roman Videos next release

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