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Love reading cuckold stories either fiction or real life? Are you new to cuckold sex and wanting to find out more about the lifestyle? If so you'll love this section!

We decided that it would be a great idea to gather a collection of stories all based around cuckoldry.

What better way to learn about what cuckoldry really is than from experienced couples or Bulls, in the case of the male contacts, and fortunately for us our members love to write stories so over time we will be posting both articles, blog entries and fiction cuckold stories from our members.

Free Cuckold Stories

Free stories on cuckoldry & husbands watching wives getting fucked - click on the link to view the full cuckold story:

  • My wife went to the shops and flashed at guys - Flashing wife cuckold
  • I took my wife to a Sex theatre and watched guys using here - Sex theatre cuckold
  • Its was our first - and I wasn't sure how well it work out, but I loved watching my BBW fucking
  • Wife wife dressed me as a women - my first sissy cuckold sex
  • Wife fucked by Strap on - not the normal cuckold but this husband wanted to watch his wife getting fucked by another women - bifem cuckold
  • First Time cuckoldry - bull tells about his expereince with newbiew couple - read this story plus loads of other cuckold stories with a Lancashire cuckold
  • Whilst have a show wife fucks a guy - this cuckold wife from Surrey wasn't going to stop the fact the hubby wasn't around - Surrey Cuckold
  • Wife Fucks a guy on the train - then it doesn't end as the wife then makes the husband lick cum from her knickers
  • Piss Drinking Cuckold - He may have started off not drinking his wife piss but now loves it even more so if mixed with her bulls cum - Piss drinking cuckold
  • Cougar Cuckold - wife fucks young guy whilst husband watches recent story submitted - Yorkshire Cuckold
  • Webcam Cuckold - wife sets up a bukkake meet whilst hubby watches on webcam. recent story submitted - Webcam Cuckold
  • Black Guy Fucks Wife in the Pub - the idea of your wife telling you after the event that shes just been fucked in the toilet - Guy fuck's wife in Pub
  • Master Watched me getting Fucked - what I would do to have a sex slave like this women. read her story. Master watched me getting fucked
  • Black Guy Fucked my wife - and I didn't get to see it. maybe next time my wife will let me as she sure as fuck had fun - First black swinger
  • Viewpoint UK Cuckoldry - not a story but an interesting viewpoint sent in by a member that wanted to put his views of cuckold sex over - UK cuckoldry
  • Fisting Hotwife - true its not for everyone but this dominant husband wanted to watch is wife getting fisted - Fist Fucked Wife
  • Threesome Cuckold - for most wives or husbands one cock will do but this greedy wife wanted two cocks pleasing her - Threesome Cuckold
  • German Cuckold - this story was sent in a cuckold fan and tell about his horny girlfriend and how he was forced into German cuckoldry
  • BDSM Cuckold - not only does her husband have to watch her getting fucked the wife ties the husband up so all he can do is watch and nothing else - BDSM Cuckold
  • Husband wants to watch is wife - John tell us about the first time he watch another guy fucking his wife - great cuckoldry story sent in by one of our members - Fuck my wife story / Part Two Husband watches wife getting fucked
  • Best Friend Fuck's my Wife - this story was sent in by an anonymous member, maybe he's got a friend that's got a hotwife that he wants to fuck I don't really know - Best Friend fuck's wife next hotwife gets anal fucking
  • Forced Cuckold Boyfriend - John has to watch is girlfriend getting fucked and it then made to eat her creampie out - Forced Cuckold next Creampie eating cuckold
  • Cuckold Crossdressing - great story sent in by one of our cuckold Xdressers' contacts and you really got to take your hat of to this couple!! cuckold Crossdressers
  • Man Fucking my Husband while I watch - what what you do if your wife asked this of you ? run or maybe just wait for it to happen - Men fucking husbands
  • My first time - not only does his wife try dogging for the first time she fuck's a black as well - Wife fucks a black guy
  • Bifem Cuckold - its got to be every guys dream to watch his wife with another women Bifem Cuckold
  • Bukkake Sex - of all the sex contacts I've had the idea of being at a bukkake party is still top of my list Forced Bukkake Wife
  • Cuckhold Swingers Club - Gloucestershire couple tell all. We went on holiday and came back as a cuckhold couple - Cuckold Swingers Clubs
  • Cuckold crossdresser - not only is he made to wear his wife's knickers & tights he has to watch her getting fucked Cuckold crossdresser
  • Anal Sex - love it or hate it some people do seem to have different views on anal sex and this hotwife knows what she wants - Anal Cuckold Sex / Friend Fingers Wife
  • Bukkake Dogging - this wife wanted some bukkake fun so arrange a dogging bukkake nght of sex and great fun - bukkake dogging

If you're interested in cuckoldry blogs or better still send in real life stories, then I hope you'll enjoy these stories or if you fancy putting pen to paper, so to speak, why not send in your own cuckold story and I'll be happy to post it here for other members to read...............

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