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Do Cuckoldry sites work? Tips on using Contacts websites

Cuckold website's don't work!
yes they do, read tips on how best use a contact website...

Do cuckold personals website's work? well yes but lets face it you knew I was going to say that but the problem is that many UK cuckolds join our swingers website but what they assuming is that members will be falling over themselves to meet.

Whilst that is correct as we have thousands of personals adverts what you also have to allow for is the loads of other UK cuckold adverts so you need to make sure YOURS stands out

Whilst we offer everything to help members find contacts "sometimes" the members themselves don't help themselves out and with a little bit of effort and help I can show you how to not only place a great cuckoldry personals advert but use all the great features we offer members

So to help UK cuckold personals I've added this page which will help you how to not only get the best from the contacts site but use all the great features we offer members meaning you'll not only find contacts fast but hopefully you'll interact with other members and enjoy the strong community we have

Don't fall into the trap

one of the first mistakes new members make is to get a profile online and up ASAP thats not the way forward - so read these tips:

  • Join up and STOP - not unless you know exactly what your going to post in your personals advert don't rush to get your profile online, theirs no rush and you don't have to do your UKcuckolded site straight away. So once your joined look around the site and get a feel for what others are posting
  • Your profile - this is your chance to tell members what you want and expect from the contact, so don't just one line up saying something like "couple looking for males to fuck my Mrs whilst I watch" as whilst that tells people what your looking for it doesn't really give out enough information so make sure you tell people about what you expect from the meet - as they say information is power!
  • Photos !! - lets face it we know as cuckold husbands do like to take photos of their wives getting fucked so make sure you post them into the profile as a profile with photos will get a much better response plus members will know if you post up pics you are serous about meeting - plus if you don't want to show members your wifes face then crop it out using one of the free photo editing tools
  • Get involved - as member you'll have access to chatroom's, forums and blogs and all of these offer ways of you to meet with others and as a member thats online your profile will be displayed at the top of the search if anyone is looking at current members online. Plus the forums sections has a dedicated place for cuckold members to post and get or just post up information about themselves

If you follow these tips you'll not only get members contacting you wanting to meet but you'll enjoy the community we offer and find you'll not only soon start building contacts but find new friends of the type you wanna play with

So if your serous about meeting with UK cuckolds sign up now and as we offer a free membership you could join the site for FREE and start meeting with members NOW .......

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