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What is cuckold sex or should it be what ARE cuckold husbands? Do they fall into submissive, voyeuristic or is it that the wives just want to humiliate their husbands?

In a nutshell a cuckold is normally the husband within a relationship that can either be between married couples or girlfriend/boyfriend where the other partner is playing the role of being unfaithful and more typically where the husband is watching his wife or partner having sex with another man or indeed in some cases MEN!!!

But with the massive increase in wife swapping, or as many know it these days as swinging, the word or terminology of cuckold has been pulled back into life and more couples are looking for bulls (the male that fucks the wife) or just couples after another male, in most cases for a true cuckold swap so that the husband can watch while the cuckoldress (wife) plays the more submissive, voyeuristic role by choice or in some rare cases by being forced (but by consent).

History of the term cuckold......

"A Cuckold" is taken from the age old French language for the Cuckoo bird and the earliest usage was written in Middle English as "cokewold" around 1250 give or take a few years and when you consider the way females Cuckoo birds lay their eggs in nests made by other birds it does kinda give good credence to the naming, where sexually the male watches the wife "feeding" so to speak with other males hence cuckold but not cockold as some refer to it.

Cuckoldry as a fetish / sexual contacts

But now more than anything the term cuckold is referring to couples where either the male partner enjoys playing the role of the cuck and watching his wife getting fucked by other guys or in the more traditional cuckoldry where the female/wife takes on the more dominant role and she requests additional partners, that only her cuck can provide and the husband takes on a submissive role where he is monogamous to her and has no involvement with the sexual act. In fact some bulls will insists on this and only becoming involved sexually when it is felt to be emotionally supportive of her or the bull requests it.

Some wives that are into cuckoldry will be referred to as a hotwife and you will often see ads within swingers websites referring to the wives as "hotwife", although its not always a cuckold couple just members not understanding the term. But certainly if a single male describes himself as a BULL this means only one thing and normally he will only be looking for cuckold couples/husbands.

So in a nutshell, a cuckold husband enjoys watching & serving his hotwife and more often than not this will also involve a Bull & from looking at many contacts ads a video camera as well LOL!

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