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couple from Chester looking for single male contacts for either 3somes or cuckold sex. We are 41/36 and would prefer hotel meets or after we get to know you maybe we can accom
Chester / Cheshire

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dogging couple from Stockport looking for local dogging locations and guys to meet drop us a note and we'll meet up
Stockport / Cheshire

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anyone want a bit of black? that is females only. I'm 29 and love to fuck women whilst husbands watch
Birkenhead / Cheshire

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Want to try Crewe dogging ?
This Cheshire wife did and a lot more ..

For a long time my wife from Crewe has been a fan of anything dogging! She’s watched the various dogging dvds & movies and even joined a few sites but so far watch & look is about all that she's done that was until she joined this swingers website and started chatting with other doggers if that’s what they are called in the chatroom's

She’s never really been into swinging its just she saw some sample postings about dogging story from real couples so she joined up and once a member she got completely hooked on the idea of fucking s stranger!!

It didn’t take her long before she was reading stories and chatting with others and soon finding places to meet up with other dogging couples and single males of which their seemed no & maybe even having her ultimate dream come true of getting fucked by a black guy!  

The idea of fucking outside was something that didn’t do a thing for me, more so the worry of getting caught by the police but that seemed to turn her on even more and when she said that she’d been chatting to this local black swinger that wanted to meet up the idea of watching her getting fucked by a black guy took over and I agreed so we made a date to meet him and she even started referring to me with this guy as her cuckold!

They arrange to meet up by this industrial park that apparently was a good location  used by loads of dogging couple and so far the police where leaving them alone, maybe it was because it wasn’t near houses so home owners hadn’t been complaining but so far it was trouble free. We drove to the industrial park and I parked up and waited for the guy

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He drove in bang on time and flashed his lights I did the same back, once parked up he walked over and we got out of the car and we all followed him towards this quiet spot and he didn’t wait around before putting his hand under my wife’s dress and that way her legs opened knew his fingers were deep inside her fanny especially as I knew she came out with no knickers on !

She then undid his trousers pulling out this massive black cock and with that she turned around, pulled her skirt up and opening her legs told him to fuck her so her cuckold could watch her getting fucked by a black guy and with that he started to push his dick into her, at first he only little as he really did have a fucking massive black cock almost making mine look silly it was so small then my greedy wife wanted it all so she pushed back against him making him push all the home stretching her wide open and then started to fuck her hard

She was making so much noise that I was sure someone was going to catch them out but they really didn’t give a fuck but then this other guy walked over and stood really close, at first he didn’t see me then noticed I was standing their and waved me to go over and join in and I don’t think he realised I was the husband and was getting off more watching my wife getting fucked than joining in, then he walked over to them, and my wife waved him over pulled his cock out and now bent over started sucking him off

With this I got my cock out and started wanking off as this was just about the best thing I’d ever seen, with my wife in a dogging threesome and with that the black guy shot his load into her cumming all over her arse and the other guy making her take his full load down his throat she then turned around and carried on wanking the black guy into her mouth and he then gave her another load

Afterwards they went and walking back to the car she stopped leaned against the wall telling me to lick her creampie cunt and I couldn’t do anything other than burry my face deep into he cum soaked pussy and lick out all the black guys cum, but afterwards he did let me fuck her.

She has since then changed her profile over to be looking for black bulls to fuck her while her cuckold watches and whilst we’ve not done anymore dogging we’ve had one or three LOL guys turn up, but considering I get to watch her its fucking great !!  

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