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Love streaming porn movies with strong wives handing out forced or even enslaved Domestic Discipline then your in for a treat

Weak husbands stop & learn!!
read this before you carry on ...

Domestic Discipline for weak husbands, for someone thats really just getting into the cuckold scene its really an eye opener and if you have a wife, Cuckquean or girlfriend that finds the whole idea of domestic discipline a turn on then your in for one hell of a ride

You know a lot of women just don't fully grasp the power they have over weak cuckolded husband men nor understand the benefits of implementing rules backed up by server discipline, but one thing to remember that whilst the domestic discipline is always HARSH its ALWAYS conceptual

For a weak husband coming into the cuckoldry lifestyle must be quiet frustrating and indeed a lot of the strong wives or as they should be known Cuckquean would probably punish their husbands for this lack of knowledge or understanding and here's a few of the terms any weak husband entering Domestic Discipline should be aware off

A few terms I've picked up

Learn them at your peril:

  • Spanking
    hairbrush spanking,
    domestic discipline,
    over the knee spanking,
    belt spanking,
    verbal humiliation,
    small penis humiliation,
    enforced chastity,
    forced oral service,
    cream pie eating, (cum eating husbands)
    ruined orgasms,
    forced piss drinking, (piss drinking husbands)
    orgasm control,
    forced cock sucking
    thigh spanking,
    bare bottom punishment,
    men fucking husbands (story)
    face sitting (face sitting)
    fisting (fisting cuckold) - now direct links for fisting dvds

These are the one I know of and I’m sure theirs a load more that these strong dominant role playing women use to train their submissive boyfriends,  husbands or as in some cases clients if your looking at a paid service. But as a cuck you will be required to undertake some training which you can guarantee you dominate wife will enjoy a lot more than you as its essential you understand what is required to service and please her.

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