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Wife Takes the Fist
Black bull fist wife .

This fisting story was sent in by a Hampshire Cuckold Couple although the photos are from some other members profile that like many cuckold husbands enjoys watching his wife take the fist!

I've never seen my own hotwife take the fist but after reading this cuckold story I'm going to be changing my profile around to include fisting swingers as well as whilst I've seen her take some pretty massive cocks watching another guy fist her sounds like fun, well least me me

The question is "Do women like getting fisted" well from reading some of the blogs, forums & chatroom postings some women love to feel the stretch of a fist going into them, others will run for the door, but I suppose thats one of the things that make cuckoldry so much fun, not knowing what your wife will take, thankfully I know my own hotwife will be more than up for taking the fist

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My slut wife gets her first fisting whilst dominate cuckold watches her..........

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to watch my hotwife taking the first and for some reason a lot of black swingers ( yes we both prefer black bulls fucking her) haven't been into fisting, so after changing our profile around a bit asking for contacts only from males that enjoy fisting we finally started getting some replies then this black guy contact us and it every box so we got him round

We swapped a few emails saying what we wanted and a date was arranged for him to come round and the night soon came round. The door went and I invited Mark in, and we both walked into the front room where Karen ( my wife was sat waiting)

He walked in and as agreed walked up to my wife I got his fat black cock out and it was her instructions to be submissive and take anything he or I requested of her, as whilst we are a cuckold couple I've always played the role of being dominant making her & the contacts do what every I request of them.

She was sucking his cock and playing with his balls and I told him that I wanted him to cum in her mouth so she was playing with him and as she extremely good at giving blow jobs it didn't take her long before mar came inside her mouth.

She pulled back and opening her mouth show us both his cum load on her tong and as Mark was a very heavy cummer she had loads of cum in her month but that wasn't for long as she swallowed it all back and then once again showed us her empty mouth

She then stripped off showing off her amazing body and shaven cunt, moved over to the table and got on top with her legs pulled wide open, even like that as I'd been fisting her before you could see her cunt already open wide just waiting for Marks fist

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He walked up and put some lube onto first his fingers then knuckles & hand then slowly slipped three fingers deep into her, those slipped in easy so then put all his fingers in, I could tell now that my wife was getting extremely worked up as she was pinching her nipples and pushing down hard onto his fist.

He then slipped his thumb inside her and made his hand into a cone type shape before seeing his hand easily slip into her right up to the wrist and with that she came almost at the same time

She then wanted more so was pushing down and couldn't believe just how much of his fist and ARM was slipping inside her and she was almost cumming every time his fisted pushed deeper and by now I'd walked over to get a better view but she grabbed my trousers and was now sucking my cock as well

It didn't take long before I came inside her mouth and Mark pulled back his fist making sure I got loads of photos showing his hand slipping out and her gapping wide open cunt

That was her first fisting, we are now arranging for another guy to come round and I may even arrange with Mark to be here as well so we can have to real fun with my slutty wife!


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