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My wife flashed at guys whilst I watched from a distance






I spied on my wife flashing in public ........

Flashing wife cuckold We’ve always had a bit of an adventurous sex life but recently that jumped to another level when I fucked another car in a supermarket car park after flashing at him…After that little bit of fun we joined a cuckold site to basically meet with other males for risky sex meets in public places….this was our first experience of my husband watching my flashing in public

One night we chatting about our recent holiday and he told me how much he enjoyed watching other guys looking at me especially at night when I was dressed sexy and that he would often just stand at the bar watching guys eyeing me up and wondering what it would be like to see another man having sex with me ….but it was more the watching me even more so if I was flashing in public after all when your on holiday knickers are something that get left at home      

So I suggested we had some fun where I would be in a supermarket and flash at some guys, he could be standing up the other end watching and we could see where this goes…..he was more than up for it. The following night I got out my shortest dress, black stockings, a push up bra that almost pushed my tits out of the top

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We headed out and pulling into the car park my husband got out and headed in and few minutes later I followed. It was a large 24hr supermarket and like most even though it was 10 at night was pretty busy so I got a trolley and started wandering around knowing that my husband was watching from a distance, I though I#d give him a test flash and reached to the top shelve to get something and my dress road all the way up showing off my stocking tops and a good deal of thigh…. I could almost see his hardon straight away even though he was standing right down the other end pretending not to look……but I caught the eye of a young guy that was standing near to him and I could see he was looking as well

He was standing quite close to my husband and so that we didn’t give it away I walked further up hoping he would follow but he vanished …I then went to the freezer section and saw him within the reflection almost right behind me and I could see he was looking at my legs that due to the length of the dress were all very visible and looking down the cabinets my husband watching at the bottom.

He only looked in his mid twenties and more than fanciable so I decided to give him a real naughty flash and something more to look at so bent right over the cabinets reaching right out which made my dress ride right up past my stocking tops and show the bottom of my arse and looking down my cuckold was watching and I could almost feel the eyes of the guy burning into my arse.

I stopped reaching up and rather than dropping it into the trolley, I bent over and adjusted my stocking tops and so flashing my arse clearly to both my husband and this guy… Standing up I looked around and saw him standing there with a hard cock bulging against his trousers and asked him “like what you see?” with that he just nodded  and walking over to him I started to rub his cock right in the middle of the supermarket….glancing over to see my cuckold husband just standing there and watching ……..”want to finger me, here” with that he looked around and by now my husband had moved around the corner and was playing peeping tom so he couldn’t see my husband and slipped his hand straight under my dress and felt my soaking wet pussy ……….

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