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Screen shots taken from the streaming video "Forced Bi Cuckold" featuring bisexual cucks, or at least wives forcing them into being bi males

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Does it make you gay if your wife forces you to suck some guys cock or should I say bull, well the guys at Kick Ass Pictures don't seem to think so with their "Forced bi cuckolds" streaming videos and here we review one of the videos within that collection and also details of their latest DVDs

Kick Ass have taken the cuckoldry genre and produced some of the best porn going, least thats my belief and with the theme where wives force their weak cuckolds into sucking guys its a theme that many couples work towards and from looking at profiles from within the contacts section many succeed with this

One thing about these cuckquean's they are only interested in getting their bulls laying between legs whilst the poor old hubby gets second best and has to lick the bulls balls although it may well cum as a shock when the wife tells the bull to pull his cock out and make the husband suck the cock clean

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  • Forced-Bi-Cuckolds - Lets face it ask most husbands or guys about cuckold and they will always think about watching guys fuck your wife or girlfriend, but trust me thats not always the case and sometime.

    If fact more often than not with tables are turned and the wife wanna see YOU the hubby sucking cocks and turning what would be a straight male into a forced bisexual cuckold and given the ultimatum, either you suck his dick, or you’re out of her life theirs only one choice

    The cuckoldry popularity has grown at a massive rate and what started out within the fetish community is fast become a mainstream genre with more couples getting into this and many couples find streaming porn an inspiration into scenarios, although being a Forced Bi Cuckolds is not one of those and whilst Kick Ass Pictures offer up some great porn this is nothing new but does show an insight into domineering wives that love the idea of humiliating there husbands and forcing them to be bisexual males

    The main husband is Enrique Currero and he's not really what you would class as a willing cuckold male and even more so seem quite applaud by the idea of sucking another guys cock, let alone eating creampie from his wife's cunt and from the viewer or should I say streaming view point it offers what could be classed as a real inside into what being a forced bi cuckold is really about.

    Its pretty clear that at first that Enrique’s wife is pissed with him so brings home a guy to fuck whilst she makes him watch and at first he thinks thats all its about then so give him the ultimate ultimatum " Come her and suck this guys cock, like you really want to" the result is Enrique sucks, licks with balls and then returns to lick cum from his wives well fucked cunt.

If your wife has suggest to you that she wants to watch YOU her husband sucking another guys cock and you don't fancy being forced Bi cuckoldry then DON'T stream this video as trust me once these wives see two guys sucking each other cocks they will want to you be forced into cuckoldry, which means YOU sucking dick

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