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couple looking for single males for lots of fun. We are 45/39 and would prefer a cuckold contact but don't mind threesomes either. We are both considered attractive and we both like to keep fit so no beer bellie contacts pls
Chichester / West Sussex

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horny male looking for sinlge females or couples for fun. I'm 29 tall, slim and sexy as hell LOL and very modest. Don't mind if husbands want to watch but I'm not into kinky forced sex
Arundel / West Sussex

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hotwife that loves to fuck guys while I watch. We are 49/37 and into most things. I also like to crossdress but only whilst watching & not into threesomes
Worthing / West Sussex

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West Sussex Story!!
Would you like to watch your girlfriend fucking? ...

Hi I’m Steve and until recently the word cuckold meant let alone what Domestic Discipline was fuck all well that’s was all to change after my girlfriend lost her job and we found that paying out rent would be next to impossible. We live in Bognor Regis West Sussex and anyone living round here will know renting a house inst cheap! 

We didn’t want to say anything to our landlord as we hoped she would get a job but the time came round and something had to be done so we contacted him and asked if we could have a meeting round the house to chat about the rent.

The first time we met up I was surprised how young he was and looking at the way my girlfriend was with him knew she fancied him as we are in our twenties and he didn’t look much older than us which was a little frustrating as the rich fucker owned about 20 houses around West Sussex 

My Girlfriend is HOT!! 23 slim, extremely sexy and just about any guy fancies her even more so considering she always dresses to impresses which normally involves mini skirts and tight t-shirts, but just before Graham (the landlord) came round she said that she had an idea to cover the rent

The door rent and Liz ( my GF) invited him in and we sat down in the front room really at first generally chatting about recent clubs we’d been too and music then I saw Liz slowly opening and closing her legs and running her hands slowly up and down her thighs and I could see the way he was getting a bulge in this trousers he’d also noticed it and was getting a little flushed.

She looked straight at Graham and said “like what you see?” with the he replied saying sure who wouldn’t enjoy looking up your legs and with this she opened them wide showing of her little white knickers!!! And this was just about enough to make me flip !!!  

“LIZ, what in fucks name are you playing at showing this guy your fucking cunt all but!!!”

With that she told me “look we can’t afford the rent and from looking at graham I bet the idea of fucking this tight little pussy is top of his mind right now, so you’ve always wanted to watch a guy FUCK me after all we’ve watched more than enough cuckold movies now you’ve got your chance” with that she looked at graham pulled her knickers to one side and said “ WHAT THIS?”

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