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horny couple from Blackpool looking for single guys for fun. We are a mature couple (my wife is 56) so would prefer contacts around our ages. don't mind size, colour or location as we can accommodate so just drop us a line and lets see where thing go ....

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Couple from Alicante looking for single guys for fun in the sun! we are 34/29 both considered good looking and very fit so no bear bellies please. This is not for a threesome as I want to video someone playing/ fucking with my wife so send us your photo and we'll get in touch soon ......

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You know with the amount of free cuckold, contacts and swingers sites, or in fact any type of dating or personals site online finding the one you want to join up to or part with your hard earned cash isn't easy. So here at Cockold 247 we've made that a little easier for you by offering a TOTALLY free membership!

Now I know what you're thinking, nothing comes for FREE but in this case you're kinda wrong ;o) we do offer free membership but it has limited features and really it's only there to show you what's on offer, but even as a free member you'll still be able to check out profiles and send messages but you won't have access to all the other great features listed below...

Free Cuckold Husbands Features

Details of the great features members of this site will get:

  • Your Profile - unlike many other contacts sites we don't have any restriction on your profile you can say and use up as much space as you like and should you wish change or update it at any time, in fact some members even use cuckold profiles to place party details or arrange group meets
  • Cuckold Photos - We all like to look at members photos after all theirs nothing more horny than check out other members spouses and with unlimited space you can add and remove as many as you like with no restriction on the size. One comment i would make mobile phone photos do tend to look pretty naff not unless you've got some high end phone so please take a little time when adding photos as I've seen some that are almost difficult to tell what part of the body you are looking at
  • Private Folder Photos - If you have some photos that you don't want everyone to see that's not a problem as you can make your own LOCKED private folder that only your or allowed members can gain access too, this has the advantage should you want that that after someone has contacted you you can share further more PRIVATE photos
  • Cuckold / Members Videos - As a member you'll be able to post your own private videos, so other members can view or as in the photos lock these away within a private folder so only YOUR approved friends can watch
  • Cuckold Blogs - you know everyone seems to be blogging these days and cuckold husbands more than other seem to enjoy telling others about their experiences, so make sure you read what others have been up to
  • Chatrooms - of all the dating, swingers or dogging chat rooms I've seen non seem to match up to the speed & usage of our chatroom and with the ability to create your own subsections we've always got at least one cuckold chatroom running, also private friends only rooms can be set up
  • Searching - finding local contacts is easy by using all the great Advanced searching features we offer and this means if your looking for say a single male (bull) within an certain age group, size & town by just clicking a few boxes you'll have all the contacts visible AND we are currently now developing a postcode search as well to help you find contacts even easier
  • Cockhold Webcam Chat - yep that's right if you've got a webcam and want to see who your chatting with we now offer a webcam plug in for our members within the chatroom sections

These just a few of the great features we offer members and even if you sign up as a free member you'll have access to some of these, so if you're after some free cuckold contacts then hit the join button below & start meeting up with like minded adults all looking for fun.

Click here to JOIN up NOW ......

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