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My wife wants to be lead into a room of naked guys to use her as they feel it!. She loves to always dress to please in sheer stockings, high heels and short mini dress. Her ultamate fantsay is a bukkake party and we are trying to sort dates out with a couple of other contacts so if your interested drop us aline and will lett you know dates.
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He climbed on the bed and roughly started to feel her body all over, his big hands were everywhere whist his face was firmly pushed to hers . He was being really forceful and overpowering to the point i became very concerned he was like a wild animal, but my wife was groaning with pleasure.

His hands were massive on her, completely covering her small breasts and her tiny pussy. His hand pushed between her legs really hard and she opened them followed by a groan as he still had his tongue pushed in her mouth . He started moving his had very vigorously between her legs and  moved his head to her small breasts he started licking and biting her nipples and now able to breath my wife was panting and groaning. I could see that Richard had three of his long fat fingers inside my wife.

I have never done this as i hadn’t wanted to hurt her . But here he was 3 finger fucking her really hard and she was loving it groaning louder and louder. The honest truth, two of his fingers together were bigger than my cock. This went on for at least 20 mins with him shoving his fingers inside my wife right up to the knuckles. Now and again he would leave his 3 fingers deep inside her and feel around inside her. I swear she must have had 10- 12 0rgasms this night. she looked over to me licked her lips and mouthed the words thank you. Whilst he was again ramming his fingers at top speed in and out of her banging his knuckles against her pussy every time he pushed in. I have never seen my wife so turned on or used so much.

My wife moved her hand to his huge cock and started rubbing around his helmet. Her hands looked so tiny on that big cock. She couldn’t close her fingers round it. It was just massive and whilst I new he was big I never thought for a moment he was this big, I have to admit at times I wondered if I had done the right thing agreeing to this, seeing his huge cock. Not only that but as I have said he was like a man possessed groping her everywhere and roughly ramming her with his fingers deep inside her. Biting her nipples.

I am so glad I agreed now, she loved every min of it . He stopped and cradled her chest with his cock right over her face she lifted her head up and put the end of his cock in her mouth. His cock wouldn’t bend it was rock hard and solid. She could get no more than his helmet in simply because of the size, her mouth was stretched like open as wide as it could go. After a while he pulled away and moved down the bed. He grabbed both of her legs and pushed her knees up to her chest pushing down on them from the underside of her knees. This revealed my wife’s tight pussy in all its glory and his eyes were staring at it. She couldn’t move such was his mass bulky frame and his strength. She looked so small underneath him as she stretched her arms out as far as she could only managing to feel his shoulders.

I could see she wanted to hold his waist but he was so big on her she had no chance of reaching. She turned her face to me in my chair and was biting her lip very excitedly  smiling. Whilst looking towards me he thrust his cock in my wife as hard as he could not gliding it in or easing it in gently. She let out a massive grown as he thrust back and forth inside her with great force. She groaned louder and louder as he pumped her. She kept lifting her head to look at him ramming her and then she would throw her head back down on the pillow, swinging it from side to side almost screaming with pleasure. I had never heard my wife groan to this extent before. 

I looked at his cock going in and out and could see how forceful he was being getting as much of that cock in her as he could. He was so big it just wouldn’t all go in but he was going to try his hardest. My wife reached an almighty orgasm the likes of which i have never seen before. He kept looking at her breasts and her pussy whilst he was pumping her. He withdrew and his cock shot bolt up right in all its glory solid like stone. Next to her little pussy I could see just how much of that monster he had rammed in her. Not releasing my wife from his hold. He pushed his cock down as much as he could and my wife eagerly shifted her bottom towards his helmet.

He tried to push himself in but it just wouldn’t go in, She was so tight and he so big. My wife leaned over to her bedroom side drawer and took out a tube of Ky. I think you might need this she said to Richard and they both giggled. He grabbed the tube from her and squirted a huge amount about ½ the tube on the end of his cock not spreading it out as you would expect, just on his helmet. He forced two finger in and out of her arse a couple of times and for the first time I saw how my wife loved it in her arse. He threw the tube on the floor and looked over to me grinning like a Cheshire cat, He turned to my wife and said “are you ready for this you little minx” I remember it as clear as day.

My wife responded with a giggle and turning her head to me said “Oh yes.... I’m ready” We all chuckled at this point and my wife playfully slapped his chest.  Still smiling Richard let his grip go of her legs and forcefully push her over so she was flat out on her stomach on the bed. She turned her head towards me and smiled the biggest smile ever.  He pushed her legs together and swung one leg over kneeling over her with her pert soft arse between his legs. He looked massive over petit body. He rubbed his cock up and down her arse crack and found the spot as my wife let out a little “yes” eyes wide open looking at me. With massive force he rammed his cock in her arse as far as it would go.

My wife closed her eyes and bit the pillow muttering oh and ah under her breath. He instantly started pounding her for all his worth and she was responding thrusting her bottom towards his cock every time he pushed in. She was by now very vocal and screaming with pleasure. He was pounding my wife with so much force i couldn’t believe it but she was loving every thrust. He got faster and faster and my wife was wriggling with delight. After what seemed an age He withdrew and turned my wife on to her side facing away from me. He pushed her legs up to her chest so she was screwed up into a ball lying on her side. Staying where he was he now had my wife arse side on rubbing up against his balls. He guided his cock to her hole again and forced it in her all the way to the hilt He put both of his large hands on her arse and started  pounding her again thrusting every inch of his cock in her and she was having orgasm after orgasm shouting oh yes oh yes. I couldn’t believe my eyes, in this position I could see all of his cock thrusting in my wife’s arse. After about 10 mins in this position he thrust really hard in her and my wife threw her head back screaming in delight as he tensed up, groaned and started coming inside her. He was coming for what seemed an age before finally stopping and hunching over my wife.

My wife stayed still just saying in a panting voice over and over again. “thank you”  and “wow that was good”. They both laughed. When recovered my wife got up kissed Richard on the lips and said again “thank you big boy” with a huge smile. Then came over to me and kissed me very pationatly and said “I love you so much” before leaving to get showered. My mate and I talked about what had just taken place for a while then we both joined her in the bathroom to carry on our discussion with her. Richard  joined her in the shower and rubbed soap over her he just couldn’t leave her alone My wife noticed his cock beginning to stiffen again. Laughing she made both Richard and I notice his cock and she said “Not again big boy not tonight” and we all laughed.

 She said that has to be one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen and I’ve never had it that rough before it was awesome. Richard got dressed whilst my wife lied back on the bed naked and he was still looking at her body all over his eyes were roaming,  she noticed and played on it smiling. Richard asked shall we make it a regular thing. My wife looked at me and said simply you’ll have to ask my husband.  I looked at her eyes and then at one of my best mates staring at my naked wife and said well that’s up to you babes its your body. She smiled leant over and kissed me. Turned to face Richard and said seductively I think its safe to say you’ll be seeing this again looking at her body. She pulled the covers up and I could see on his face how excited he was at the thought of having my wife again

Since this my wife and Richard meet regularly, sometimes she asks me to watch and other times Im working when he visits They have anal every time and when my wife wants it badly they skip the rest and get straight to it. We confided in Richard with my wife’s desires for anal sex and he helps us find other blokes to fuck her to. His reward Anal Sex with my sexy minx whenever he wants.

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