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Would your friend fuck your wife? ...

Mark from Portsmouth in Hampshire tells us about wanting to watch his wife getting fucked by his friend - thanks for sending this story in mark and make sure if you have any other friends that want to fuck your wife you let us know about it

His story ...............I decided to tell this story like it is.  None of my boys understand it.  But I love to watch other men fuck my girl.  It’s not that I’m not well endowed or feel insecure, it just gets me off.  Watching another man fuck Cheryl in her sweet tight spot, or her giving another man head.  My cock grows an extra inch I swear each time she does it.

But the last time she did it, I feared I may have crossed the line.  Let me tell you about it.

One night I had gone out for drinks after work with a couple of the fellas.  We were talking about our women and how some of them liked to fuck and well quite frankly a couple of them didn’t want any dick at all.  It was like they were allergic to the long rod or something.

That’s when I suggested that George fuck Cheryl while I watched.  He thought I was crazy at first, but then when he saw the sincerity in my eyes, he readily agreed.  Of course, all the fellas wanted to watch too, but I let them know that it was my treat and mine only.  I told George this way he could get his rocks off and not really cheat on his wife.

Cheryl was lying on the living room sofa when we walked in.  She could tell the way I was looking at her that it was time for active duty.  Her lace night gown fell to the floor revealing perky 36D tits.  George got an immediate hard-on and instantly went to work on Cheryl’s anxious waiting body.

He didn’t have to take all his clothes off; Cheryl opened her wide lips to suck all of his ready hard member in.  She sucked him in long strokes, squeezing his nut sack in the process.  I had never seen my wife go for a cock like that.  She was acting like a sex crazed maniac as she fell to her knees and went to work. 

I sat on the sofa next to her, rubbing my dick through my pants.  I had an incredible hardon and they were responsible for it. George was really getting into it as he started fucking her well rounded nipples with his engorged shaft.  His balls were slapping her chest as he easily slid his stiff cock between each swollen breast.  Cheryl was trying to capture his tip with her tongue.  She was licking it each time he came near her mouth.

Their sexual escapade continued when George flipped Cheryl over and hit it from the back.  He slapped her ass cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle.  She cried out and he slapped them again and again and fucking her in the process

“Oh you’ve been a bad girl.  Not wanting to fuck your husband.  It seems you need to learn a lesson.”

George was riding her hard and fast, his cock would go in and out of her hot wet juicy pussy only to expose her sweet cum all over him.  Cheryl kept cumming and cumming, pussy juice was running all down his long cock.  I had never seen her get into another man the way she was into George.  Cheryl opened up her sweetness just so he could go all the way in.

George then commanded Cheryl to turn over and face him.  He wanted some more head.  As he put his hands on his hips, Cheryl worked his hard cock into her mouth.  Taking long sucks as if sucking on a lollipop, Cheryl was giving George the blowjob of a lifetime.  It took both her hands to hold him in her mouth, and she was doing a fine job of it too.

I couldn’t wait to watch him fuck her in the ass.  I knew it was next, my fantasies were all coming true and I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

Just as I thought, he only needed her to suck him off for a little bit.  Now he wanted the main attraction, some back door action.  Cheryl was a little hesitant at first, because George was so big, but she relaxed and let him in.

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