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Wives kicking husbands
in the place they know it will hurt, CBT streaming cuckold ........

The very idea of having some cuckquean kick the crap out of your balls and cock for many is the ultimate control but combine that with genital punishment cuckoldry.

Some of the most extremes measures of female domination and brutal ball biting makes the videos produce by Ultima Entertainment some of the hashes cbt I've streamed within any cuckold video

The theme of their videos is always in favour of the femdom and these female dominatrix don't take any crap from their weak husbands as ball busting and humiliation is the theme that plays through the DVD making this least for me some of the best CBT cuckoldry porn I've had the pleasure of watching and reviewing

These husbands are forced into masturbation over their wives feet and watch as they punish bulls through brutal femdom cock biting,blow jobs and femdom hand jobs that would leave any dominant wives grasping for air due to excitement just watching these videos let along enjoying participating within one of these scenes

Reviewed " Cuckold Abuse And Femdom Humiliation"

  • Cuckold Abuse And Femdom Humiliation - A word of warning before you stream this video, this movie has one solid theme going through it, thats about pushing weak husbands into levels of abuse, CBT & humiliation that no man should ever take.

    But considering these husbands are submissive whimps deserve every bit of pain Ulitma Entertainments femdom's can throw at them.

    His wife is a sexy Latino femdom and lets face it if your going to have a women dominate you its got a be a sexy Latino wife

    The theme is easy to sum up ion this cruel cuckolding movie as within the first scene it contains harsh abuse,Interracial Ball Kicking and Kneeing and stomping on a husbands cock just because he won't do as his wife tells him and this guys Unprotected balls right from the onset take their first beating, and thats the first opening scene.

    It starts with this sexy latino walking into a jail and its pretty clear that the guards are more than interested in her, but looking at her would you blame them but its when they find out that she used to were the pants in there marriage that the guards soon turn their attention to the poor little cuckolded husband thats waiting in jail to see his wife

    When the husband walks into the visiting room he's shocked to see the guard fucking his wife but she soon tells him to sit back and watch as his cock is so small she needs a good fucking from a real male rather than her small cock hubby

    The abuse these guys take is totally unreal and to say harsh with cock biting & CBT the likes I've never seen so make sure you check this streaming video out NOW ........just make sure your own femdom doesn't see it otherwise like these weak males you'll start having the crap kicked out of your balls


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