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I am in Europe and out at the Marteza with my girl Anna. Anna is 5ft 6 about 120, 34 B with a 38 Butt and very firm legs. Anyone who has been in German beer halls knows that the German liter of beer is very potent.

We are sitting at our table drinking beer and I am getting quite tipsy. Anna, as being grown up on beer, had no affect on her at all. A little later I could not help but notice that another GI was sitting at a table across from us and giving Anna the eye. Making gestures with his tongue and even with his fingers. Obviously, in sign language expressing his desire to do her also noticed in moments of passion I was experiencing with Anna, I slipped my hand under the table and onto her knee.

Her legs were spread quite a bit but since I have so far never been able to get Anna in bed, I held off going any further then her knees. After a little while, as we we're sitting and sipping on our beer, Anna excused herself to go to the ladies room. I could not help but notice, she walked directly past the young american at the opposite table. She gave a huge smile and a wink as she walked past him. Immediately, he followed her towards the rest rooms.

I had no choice but to satisfy my curiosity. I got to the end of the hallway and noticed her speaking to him just outside the ladies room entrance. About 2 minutes after they started to speak, their words turned into kisses. I mean real deep kisses. After 2 minutes of kissing his hand was exploring her body from her soft tits to her firm ass. Stroking her ass and kissing her lips to her ears to her neck,and running his hand up her dress and was about to give her a full orgasm I ducked out of sight as he let her go and she softly said please join us at our table I saw him nod his head and left to go back to his table as Anna went into the ladies room.

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I stopped him on his way back and confronted him. I told him she was my girl and he had no right to do what he just did to her He looked at me and laughed.. What would you intend to do about it.? I will hurt you, I said. He kept on laughing. Pushed me aside and walked past me towards his table. He will hurt me. OOOOOOOOOOOOO my I am so scared as he was walking up to his table few minutes past and Anna came back from the ladies room.

She had freshened up with make up and was looking fantastic in her black dress. her 34 B breasts were firm and narrowed down to her 23 waist and out to her 35 round ass. Her dress above her knee slightly showed her very firm thighs.As she sat down her dress slid significantly above her knee and exposed her full thighs for the entire opposite table to see. I am sure they saw all the way up to her panty line.

A few minutes later the young GI did come over to our table. Anna introduced me to charles. Charles looked at me and gave me a sign that he was going to fuck my girl that night and I could not do anything about it, he whispered in my ear from time to time to watch out and see how a real man operates. A man with a real pair of balls and a real cock and not the little weiner that i had between my legs. smirks were a l over the place but as the night progressed I was going out due to the beer I was drinking.

As I was kind of falling asleep I noticed Charles on many occasions taking Anna into his arms and squeezing her. Applying kisses and french kisses and as she was going hotter and hotter, his hand would slide up her dress and feel around this caused her to go nuts I could hear her with short low tone moans and oos as he was feeling her up. I noticed his hand up against her panties and rubbing her pussy area. I now knew she was wearing black panties under her black dress.

Her moans were going louder right at our table. Please I heard her say, not hear. This cant happen. Not hear. She was so hot and I heard him say baby you are so wet OOOOOOOO come on baby. Let me take you out of here

Charles had a BMW call car with chauffeur for the night. He threw me into the front seat with the chauffeur and got into the back with Anna I was out but not that much out. i was scared and pretended to be out. I saw in the rear view mirror charles and Anna sitting in the back and going at it. Charles threaded to beat me to a pulp if I did not behave my self and just be a good little boy in the back while he and my Anna went at it.

He was going to treat me to seeing how a real man operates and how a real man can satisfy my lady. I was watching him kiss her from her lips to her neck, to her ears and kissed her neck he had her dress opening from the back where he could slip his hand inside and release her 34B bra,releasing her tits so he could move his head down and suck her round firm nipples, Cherry red and thrusting nipples. Squeezing her boobs and actually chewing on her hard nipples.

She was giving out screams and screams as he sucked on them he was in heaven as he sucked on her nipples and ran his tongue up to her neck and to he rears and back to her nipples Her dress was now over her waist and since Charles removed her panties back at the martezza, there was no needs to remove anything else, His tongue was now moving up her legs and thighs and into her pussy hole Owe my god I could hear her say.

His hand was moving up and squeezing her ass cheeks and his tongue went from her pussy to her ass hole and to her navel. oooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmm OOOOOOOOOOOOOO she was going crazy

"you'll just have to wait for the next part of this forced cuckold husbands story"

Update on this story 10/12/08

It has been several months since I seen  or dated  Anna .I was so humiliated by her and Richard that I just could  not bring myself to see her again. I never suspected that she was so easy  for just the taking  as  Richard demonstrated on the evening at  the Martesa

I am in the military base snack bar with a few  friends enjoying hamburgers  prior to going to the base movie I do not  believe it but Richard comes  striding  in with Anna attached to his arm.. He makes it over to the far table in  the back of the snack bar and joins Sergeant Yuban  a lifer of 20 plus years and only an E..5



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