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We are interested hearing from single males for cuckold fun & hopefully some openminded adult fun, lets meet have a drink, chat and hopefully see where it leads too
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We just love sex so are looking for single males to pleasure my wife which really turns me on just thinking about it. She's 37 sexy as hell & will try most things, we are happy to accommodate
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Single males looking for females or couples for sex. if couples I don't have a problem with either husbands watching or joining in just straight couples only please - also happy with bareback cuckold sex
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Real life stories
Cheltenham couple tell all ...

John & Debbie from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire sent in this cuckold swingers club story after they got back from LA.

All I can say is you can see why the Americans love LA so much when you have cuckold clubs like that on your doorstep, as a cuckold husband I'd love to have a swingers club like that in my home town

We got to the hotel and the place was really great and thank frig after nothing but in stop rain in Cheltenham we were at long last seeing some sun..... It didn't take long before Deb's was hitting the porn channels and checking out what was on offer as my wife is SEX mad, yes I know what your all thinking fantastic to have a wife that loves cock but trying to keep up with her constant need for cock is hard going.

We didn't realise at first that the porn channel was showing some cuckold DVDs and then after it finished their was a few ads coming up and one was for this cuckold sex club! well talk about Deb's eyes lightening up or what ! and 10 minutes later we were in the hire car looking around LA for this club

Now having driven around Gloucestershire most of my driving live diving here was hard work after all its just a bit bigger than Cheltenham LOL but eventually we found the club and after checking the place out thought we give it a try as the idea of watching someone else fucking my wife was a bit turn on and I know all she wanted was a black bull

Once inside the cuckold club it was really nice, not at all what we expected, its was very light, clean and really just someone house that was full of members, some were just chatting others were clearly flirting and from the look of what they were NOT wearing it was pretty obvious what was on the cards least with those couples.

We got a drink and started chatting with other cuckold couples, but my wife's interests were clearly in some of the black guys going around so we followed this couple down a hall and they went into a bedroom

Once inside the wife got onto the bed and the cuckold husband sat beside the bed and watched as this black guy started to fuck his wife! Deb's was loving every bit of it and after a short while I noticed this room on the other side empty so pulled her into it and asked her if this was something she wanted, with that she pulled her dress up, took my hand and placed it onto her fanny that was soaking wet!!! "Ok I get the hint lets find a black bull"

It wasn't much a case us finding a bull more the fact that a guy was standing at the door "did you know its against the rules here to finger fuck your wife", laughing out her walked in and putting his hand up her skirt started to finger her and I stepped back

Next he pushed her back onto the bed and pulling her skirt up pulled her knickers off and buried his head between her thighs and from the sounds Deb's was making was doing an extremely good job of licking her cunt out and pulling his head up he moved on top of her and told her to get his cock out, with this she undid his trousers pulled out his massive black cock and he rolled over and started to fuck her.

It was suck a turn on sitting back watching my wife getting fucked by another guy and even more so a black guy doing the fucking and it didn't take long before Deb's started cumming and pulling him deeper into her he also came as well.

Afterwards he got up and dressed and Debbie was still laying on the bed with her legs open wide and all I could see was this amazing creampie running from her cunt lips and had I been a creampie cuckold I would have been down their and licked her cum soaked cunt out but that's one thing I'm NOT into and Debbie got up dressed and shortly afterwards we left the club

Once home we looked for other cuckold sex clubs and even thought of maybe trying the swingers clubs but to be honest they all looked as rough as hell and no where near the standard of our holiday sex club, so guess where we are going next year for holiday LOL

But we now joined a cuckold contacts site and we've met up with some really great bulls and now my sex starved hotwife at least can get some satisfaction from other guys now, so long as I get to watch

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