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I've always been a horny slut wife and started getting into the cuckold scene a little while ago since we moved to Bristol and got chatting to a girlfriend that told me about the Gloucestershire swingers scene and some of the cuckold clubs she'd tried

Most in fact all of our cuckold meets had been via contacts & swingers sites but this was the first time i'd ever just " fuck" a guy then told my husband afterwards! so girls / wives if you see a many and fancy a FUCK do something about it

The question is do you tell your husband afterwards or before fucking a stranger? well I think its a lot more fun to tell him afterwards and maybe give your cum soaked knickers to him .....mmm nice touch I think that was


It was England's last attempt at getting into the world cup and my little cuckold hubby wanted to meet with some mates in a bar in town (Bristol) so I agreed to go along as I knew a few girlfriends would be around so I could have a laugh and a drink with them

We got into the bar and i saw a 2 of my friends, so going over to them we started having a drink whilst the guys talked football. It didn't really interest me but what did was a black guy that was sat with the other guys and kept giving me the look, you know, I wanna fuck you silly look

i'd never had sex with a black guy before and my pussy was aching for some black meat inside me, something I'd never done before.

i was chatting to my girlfriends and could see he was glancing over every now and then and whilst he was pretended to be watching the game with his mates I knew he wanted more and so did my girlfriend that told me to go fuck him ( she was the one the introduced us into cuckold swingers )

Standing up I told my girlfriends I needed a piss and my friend gave me that look ( go fuck ya black man love LOL) and standing up walked to wards the toilet and waving towards my husband I walked into the loo and so did he.

Once inside the corridor I waited for him leaning against the wall and as soon as he walked in I started snogging his face off and had he pushed his hand up my short skirt I would have fucked him there and then and if anyone had walked in, fuck it I wanted his black cock inside my white pussy.

He dragged me into the men's loo and then into a cubicle and pushing my top up pushed my bra up and got my tits out and whilst doing this with his other hand pushed up my skirt and pulled my thong to one side and pushed a finger deep inside me, that almost make my knees go, as he was so rough and forceful, but I loved it

Standing in the men toilets he had his hand groping my tits and fingering me at the same time and leaning forward asked if I wanted him to fuck me and turning me around pushed me over the pan and it was then I knew I was going to get my first black cock

It didn't take him long before his cock was out and moving my hand behind felt his massive black dick and guiding him towards my cunt I pushed myself out towards him and before long he was rubbing his black cock along my pussy lips whilst still groping my tit, then I pushed back and his cock slipped inside me

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I looked over towards him to see a HUGE smile on his face as he rammed his monster cock inside me and he was really fucking me hard and pushing it in as far as he could and I was now having to use my hands on the toilet wall to keep myself from falling over

As he was fucking me the toilet door open and stopping for a little while could hear a guy pissing but I could stop myself from pushing against him moving in and out slowly and as soon as the guy left he carried on fucking me hard.

It was then that I had my 1st orgasm that was only a small little tingle inside my clit but he carried on fucking me making me have little twitches inside but as he fucked me hard I had a massive strong orgasm that nearly took my legs from me and my whole body twitch and fuck and shortly afterwards he came inside me

Pulling out hew walked out of the toilet and we didn't even say anything to each other so pulling my cum soaked thong off I rubbed it against my cunt soaking up all the cum then walked back into the bar

My husband was at the bar so walking over to him I took his hand and guided up my skirt and pushed his fingers towards my cum soaked cunt and looking round he told me I was very wet, I then told him I'd just fucked a black guy in the loo and gave him my spunk filled thong which he put in his pocket and walked back over to his friend

That night when we got home I made him lick my cunt clean and we fucked all night

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