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adult sex theatre cuckoldWe both been talking about it and one night after driving home I suggest to the hotwife we try a adult sex theatre, you know the types of places that show adult porn and is full of guys wanking off…..sounds just like the right type of place to take my wife and watch her pleasing guys.

I parked up and my wife knew just where we was as she’d commented a few times about trying it and she had that very naughty look on her face. I knew they did late night shows at the weekend so hopefully it would be busy

She had a jacket on and took that off leaving it on the back seat and undid her blouse showing off her amazing tits and we headed straight in and standing by the ticket stall the guy could clearly see my wifes tits and had one of those knowing type grins on his face.

Walking in it was pretty dark and we found a seat  and sat down, it was a while before anyone came over to us, then this young guy walks over and sits right next to my wife and starts looking at her tits that were now virtually on show & uncovered and her nipples were rock hard. It took him little while before he made a move but then with a single hand reached over and started playing with one  of her tits.

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By now I was not interested in the movie anymore and was watching this guy playing with her tits and pretty soon he was playing with both and moved his head over to start licking and sucking her nipples which had the response he wanted and she started to moan.

That was his green light and moved his attentions to my wifes thighs and started touch her thigh with only made her groan more so I leaned towards her telling her to open her legs for him and as she was now kissing him just parted her legs. This was all he needed and pushed his hand inside her mini skirt and started tease and rub her pussy which was defiantly to my wifes delight.

With her legs open wide he was now rubbing her pussy through her knickers and pusher her hands under her skirt she pulled her knickers down and off and passed them towards me and they were soaked in her juices. Pulling her skirt right up he could just about make out her pussy and I could see he was fingering her and clearly bringing her near to cumming.

She reached over and took his cock out and straight away started wanking him every now and then looking over towards me as she was wanking him opening her legs even wide he got between her and was rubbing his cock against her pussy and looking over toward me told me “ I’m going to fuck him and you can watch” and moaned as he push his cock into her and started fucking her.

We was fucking her hard and she was moaning loudly which made some of the other guys come over and watch and putting her legs behind him she pulled him deeper into her and was moaning out with every thrust “oh my god I’m cumming” and gasped out and with him still fucking her he came inside her  then pulling out wiped his cum all over her pussy

He moved away leaving a pool of cum on the theatre seat and putting her knickers back on we drove home knowing some other guys cum was still in her pussy and once home we fucked like crazy

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