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His huge cock finds her tight cunt .............

This story is carried on from Here (fuck my wife) sent in by a husband from Hants on the South Coast

more ................. His huge manhood found its way into her tight little hole.  Inch by inch she took all of him until her hole was so wide; you could drop a coke bottle in it.  I noticed she didn’t move too much while he was back there, George had total control over her ass and everything else at the moment.

George didn’t fuck her as fast in the ass as he did her pussy.  I think he wanted to savor the flavour if you know what I mean.  He was trying to feel each nerve ending on his hard as rocks cock.  And a good thing he did, because Cheryl was cumming from both her ass and her sweet twat.  He was running double barrel on her and she was like a slave to his master.

“You like big daddy in that ass, don’t you?” , “Yeah baby.”, “Say it then.  Tell me you like big daddy in that big ass of yours.” , “I like big daddy in that big ass of mine so fuck me now so that my husband can watch me taking that massive cock.” He was satisfied; he had made her call him big daddy.  Now it was time for the grand finale.

George mounted Cheryl missionary style and teased her clit with his dick head.  The little man in the boat stood at attention as George rubbed it against it with just enough friction to drive Cheryl wild.  Just as she was writhing in passion, he stuck his cock in her pussy, surprising her. 

Cheryl moaned in total ecstasy as George lifted her off the couch each time he long stroked her.  She was riding his cock and going with every beat of his rhythm.  There was no stopping him now, he was in her and his cum was surely going to cream her entire body.  My hard on was unbelievable!  It felt like I had two cocks inside my pants.  I didn’t want to take it out, I had to control myself.

Now George was pumping her madly with passion and strength.  The muscles in his ass cheeks were tightening with each thrust, and she was enjoying every minute of it.  Cheryl’s love juices were running down her leg like a flood.  I could cum all between her thighs and on George’s balls.  They were in the heat of it and were getting ready for the big explosion.

Just then, George pulled out and asked Cheryl where did she want his cum.  She elected for it all over her face.   So George started masturbating to Cheryl’s rhythmic stroking of her clit.  It didn’t take long for Cheryl to squirt all over the sofa as George watched her and smiled.  He hadn’t cum yet and was going to make sure he had her totally off guard when he did shoot his jizz all over her face.  He was going to give her a cream pie face soon enough.

As Cheryl began to slow down and her breathing almost to a calm whisper, George shot the first of his load on her waiting boobs.  Just a little bit to tease her and make her aware of his actions.

Then he let a huge blast go right in her mouth.  Some of it splashed on her cheeks and eyes, but Cheryl kept her eyes on the prize while trying to lick up every drop of Georges’ sweet love jizz.  His fire hose kept pumping until there was no more to come out.  Cheryl was in heaven.

After that the boys all wanted a shot at Cheryl.  George couldn’t wait to get back to work and tell everybody what fun he had.  Because I liked to watch, I started scheduling the guys for individual nights to come and fuck my wife.  It was fun. 


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