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Cuckold husband forced to drink his wife's piss

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For many that don't understand the cuckold swingers scene they will probably think most of these contacts are pretty odd, but personally I find nothing odd about watching my wife getting fucked by another having her pissing and forcing me to drink her piss whilst someone else fucks her, that comes under the more fetish contacts

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Cuckold & piss drinking husbands !! almost seems like a natural thing to further humiliate your cuckold by making him drink piss even more if like this husband he's laying under his wife whilst some other guy is fucking her !!

The cuckold swingers scene does seem to have many facets and some extremes with wives looking towards humiliating weak husbands, but her this wife not only wants to piss directly into her husbands open mouth but make him lick cum from here whilst another guy anally fucks her!!

Personally I've never been interested in piss drinking cuckold sex but when you read stories like this from someone thats a clear submissive husband you can see how opening your mouth and drinking your wife urine does have an interesting twist on the whole degradation cuckold swingers theme

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We’ve always had a very strong sex life within our marriage and recently we started going to single nights clubs as my wife is just a bit of a flirt! In fact she will often flash guy when we are out and as knickers just slow her down for getting fucked she never wears any!

This one night we were in a bar and she was flirting with some guy and then I noticed her following him into the loo! – this was a first I was thinking. 15 minutes later she returned and I could tell she’d just had sex

She brought the guy with her and introduced him as “Paul”, “Pauls invited us back to his place for a drink want to come along with us” with that I responded no as I had work the next day. Expecting her to come home she responded “ Your right, I won’t be long” and with gave me a kiss and left with Paul

I stayed a little longer but with my flirting wife vanished on me left to go home. The next morning she returned at about 7am still wearing her “fuck me outfit” and stripping off told me to wash her clothes and whilst I was doing that clean the house as she was going to bed as she tired, looking back she said “ I didn’t get any sleep last night”

I left her in bed and went to work - Returning the house was quite, but could hear some sounds from upstairs, and it was then that I saw our bedroom door slightly open and looking in saw my wife bend over on all fours whilst a guy was fucking her from behind!

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She saw me and shouted me in and said this is one of Pauls friends “Iain” I met him round his house last night and she said “will you be a love and fetch me a drink” with that I brought her over a glass of water and taking over Iain just carried on fucking my wife right in front of me, it was then I noticed that his cock was buried deep inside her ass ( she would never let me anal fuck her).

Looking at me my wife said “I need your help, I really want a piss” so with that she told me to get under her, still transfixed by Iain fucking her I slipped under my wife and with my head inches from Iains cock fucking her ass she ordered my to move my face towards her pussy

I obeyed without question and moved my toward her and could see cum over her pussy “Oh watch out these a cum load in there from Iain earlier on, but you can lick that out whilst your down there” Moving my lips around her pussy as his cum drip directly into my mouth but this soon became a fast torrent of piss and my wife was now directly pissing into my mouth

“Make sure you drink ALL my piss darling”  

That was how we started as a cuckold piss drinking husband and now more often than not my wife ends up pissing either over me or inside my mouth and whilst I’d never tell her I love the taste of her piss but more so when mixed with some other guys cum  

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