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tell others, about your life?
to cuck or not? read real life stories......

Are you a cuckold husband? or maybe a Cuckquean or hotwife?? would you like to help others by posting cuckoldry stories that are either real life events or sexual fiction then why not send in a story so other can read about your adventures in this great sexual lifestyle

It can be very daunting starting into something like cuckold sex and by reading members & friends stories either from the first time cucks or more experienced cuckold contacts does offer a great insight so newbie's know what to expect and just find out what others get up to can either confirm or make you run away from this lifestyle LOL!

So if you enjoy writing about cuckold sex, whether it's your real life experiences, completely made up fiction or your erotic fantasies that hopefully one day may become fact, we would love to hear from you!. We are sorry to say that we can't afford to pay for your stories you will be help others and hopefully their thanks will be enough!

So what are you waiting for?


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