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Cuckoldry from the Husbands!
Interesting viewpoint - Email to Cuckold 247.

We recently had this email sent offering different views regarding what a REAL cuckold is - least their idea of what cuckoldry is about

My own view is like most things everything will have extremes some people will view cuckold sex about just watching your wife with another male, others will only every look towards this sexual lifestyle as being about humiliation & degrading husbands. What is always interesting is getting the views on others and therefore I would like to thank this person for sending this email in

I am a bit perplexed by the cuckold stories I read.  You see, I have been a cuckold for many years but my experience is very different.  Being a cuckold has nothing to do with the size of ones penis or sill or stamina as a lover.  Let me explain.

Women are by nature, far more sexual then men are.  Even the most study male cannot have very many orgasms or have multiple sex partners in rapid succession.  Women can.  Men have to "get it up" in order to have intercourse, women can perform anytime.  So, it is only natural that a woman can have multiple sex partners because that is the way nature made them.  Men, well, we are at a disadvantage.

Add to the mix that there are basically three types of men: Alpha males, Basic males and Cuckold males.  Everyone pretty much knows what an Alpha male is. They are born leaders, powerful, attractive and dominant.  They make excellent sex partners but lousy husbands.  Next, the Basic males.  They are not bad as lovers but tend to be unimaginative in bed but worst of all they are extremely jealous.  They make poor lovers but good husbands.  Finally, there are the Cuckold males.  They make good lovers and excellent husbands because they are the best of both worlds for women.

Cuckolds like me, that have good sized equipment,and excellent sex skills know that that makes no difference.  You see, no matter how good one is in bed, you can never be a different and new partner for your wife.   Wives like mine have been sexually active since an early age.  She loves the excitement and fun a new lover brings.  The least sexy thing women like her can ever imagine is "doing her wifely duty".  She says sex that you are supposed to have, such as servicing her husband is the biggest turn off she can imagine.

So, where does this leave me?  Well, this is the perfect Cuckold situation.  You see, perhaps having sex with her husband is not very exciting but having sex with her husband after just having sex with someone else is a major turn on for her.  Especially when I have to lick his semen out of her or off of her to "reclaim" her as my wife.

Now think about it.  She does not want to have sex with me unless she has already had sex with someone else.  I want sex, so what does this lead to for the wife of a Cuckold?  Why, the perfect situation.  As time goes by and I grow weary of masturbating I actually begin to encourage her to go out and get fucked.  That way I can, too. 

But there is more.  You see, her sex life is her business.  I cannot know whom she is having sex with, what they do or anything else about it.  No man is off limits to her even if he knows me, is related to me, is friends with me, works with me or whatever.  This adds a great deal of arousal for me.  It makes me suspicious of everyone and every look or comment.  She will never confirm nor deny.  I have no idea if the semen I tasted last night belonged to my best friend, the guy at the store, my next door neighbour or the same man over and over. 

She is free to have all the sex she wants, with whomever she wants any time she wants.  If we go to a party or out to a bar or club she has a signal she gives me that tells me she has found one, is getting laid tonight and I should go home immediately.  The signal is she gives me the "finger".  When she flips me the finger it means that tonight I can go fuck myself because someone else will be fucking my wife. 

So, if you ever see a sexy Cougar flipping a guy the finger and he just finishing his drink and leaving, that is probably us.  If that gal is the one you just asked to go to your place, you were fucking my wife.

It works really well for us. She has the constant excitement of new lovers and I have the joy of knowing she is being fulfilled as am I.  I too, am very excited as my imagination runs wild wondering what she is doing and when she will come home.  Oh, and while the chances are pretty good I will be getting some too, sometimes she denies me and only lets me lick and stroke myself. 

You may think that is cruel but it is an necessary element to keep me on the edge of desire for my beautiful wife.  Our sex lives could not be better and we are totally secure in our love for and commitment to each other.  You see, a hot wife like her is hard to find and a Cuckold like me is, too.  Both of us find the other irreplaceable. 

We are deeply and totally in love with each other. 


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