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its the ultimate in humiliation for youre husband to made to dress as a sissy maid and forced into sucking other crossdressers cocks - check out this sample streaming offer and see what YOUR missing

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sissy looking for cuckoldary .

Sissy Cuckold sex, does the idea of making your husband dress in womens clothing probably with pink frilly knickers and a maids outfit interest you? needless to say forced cock sucking, fucking and other humilation would be mandetory with another sissy crossdresser

Strong dominant hotwives ARE and do enjoy this and as a swingers & cuckold contacts sites we are seeing more and more requests from both couples that have a sissy maid husband and that are looking for another crossdresser or where crossdress sissy are looking for cuckold contacts in need of that sexy sissy so the strong dominant wife can have some fun with both husbands and the sissy

In that case if this interest you then read on of the recent submitted profiles from a member and this is just one of the many we have all looking for similer role playing cuckoldry with other sissy contacts

These are sissy members photos from this profile, although cropped to hide "her" ID

Profile name - Buckinghamshire ( member edited profile)

Sub smooth sissy seeking cuckold couple for forced sub male crossdressing sex !

sounds interesting, first a little bit about me

I'm a forty something male that understands my limitetions as a sissy crossdresser and would love to meet with a couple that has a simlaer husband so we can be controilled by a dominant wife that would involve the wife forcing her sub sissy partner/husband for forced fem fun whilst she ordered us making us suck each others cock and hopefully spit roast us with a strap on

some bacground into why I'm a sissy and what I'm looking for in the contacts, my frill is being humiliated by either males, couples, hotwives, cuckquuens or other sissys and whilst the word humilate can be taken to any level its always going to be consentall and safe these are a must

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I have a desire to dress to please my masters & mistress wearing a wig, make up and doing my best to make myself as pleasing as I can to my sexual partners no matter if they arer another sissy or couple, I don't class myself as a TS that was born in the wrong body more so a male that loves to dress very feminine & just a plan old a sissy man.

I'm luckily that I have a very slim figure and can get away with wearing nice fem clothing and on many occauosion been told I have slim shapely legs, which do looki good in stockings it goes without saying my dress sense is sexy, soft and extremely feminine with both vintage and retro lingerie, stockings, sheer nighties.

So here's my wish list, is to meet either a couple where the wife wants to watch her sissy husband with another sissy and this would involuve us sucking cocks, forced bimale sex, fucking so long as your husband wasn't too big as my sissy pussy is open but will only take regular size males and threeway fun with the mistress or dominant partner

Also looking to hear from other sissy contacts as well

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