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Well where to start my wife & I have always had a very active sex life and recently in introduced into the sissy cuckold scene, if your unsure what a sissy cuckold husband is ask the wife to buy you some stockings, knickers and if your very brave a sexy little outfit….that have her dress you and make you watch whilst other guys guy her…..if your lucky that’s where it will end, but that wasn’t the case with my wife…..

This REALLY happened last weekend and left me in complete amazement just what my Scottish hotwife did. It started out just like any other weekend and my missus Deb’s told me that she’d got a special surprise planned.

We had planned to hit some local clubs, that’s dancing not Scottish cuckold clubs, although what a great idea , anyone know of any Scottish cuckold swingers clubs? If so send me a message, so back to dancing.

When ever we go out Deb’s always dresses to tease guys in amazing short skirt, sexy top and heels, the night went really well with us meeting with friends and enjoying the club and as usual lots of teasing and a flirty kissy touchy night, we never return with friends as were coming back to fuck silly as we both had got some pills and were horny as hell

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We got back at 4ish and Deb’s said she’d managed to get some speed lined up and she vanished into the bathroom whilst I sorted some lines out and I could hear something going on in the bathroom but waited for her to come out.  She walked out wearing horny 6th form school girl outfit ….walking over to me she looks at me “ I want you smooth and this time your going to be my sissy girlfriend ”

She stripped me and with a bowel and shaving gel started to shave me completely and it was her plan to have me as a slut ….It took a while and after shaving me pulled out a carrier bag from under the bed and produced a fishnet hold ups, studded collar and a  leather wrist bands. Thinking that was it then passed me blonde wig and attached it to my head with some hair pins …..this was bad enough but then applied heavy makeup with red lippy..”there you look just like a slut now” .

Fastening my hands to the bedpost she then walked out of the room and could just about hear her on the phone, but because my wrists were attached to headboard couldn’t get near to the door to hear what was said

She walked back in but now she had a different attitude almost domineering and pleased with what she’d arranged and also holding a riding crop and started by using it on my cock and pinching my nipples and whilst doing this kept flashing me under her outfit to tantalise me.

I was really getting into the flow of things enjoying what was going on when I then heard what sounded like someone at the door and then a key being used, looking over in shock Debs told me “Shhhh, don’t worry it’s a friend” it was then I was left thinking WTF as we’d never involved anyone else in our bedroom games before and this was all new ground for me and being bound up there was little I could do but wait

Tied to the bed all I could do was wait…..I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and really didn’t know what Deb’s had planned and then she walked over to me and getting a blindfold from the bag placed it over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything ..

The door then opened and heard Debs talking quietly to “someone” and something was being discussed between Debs and the stranger… then the blindfold was removed and this guy was standing there naked with a massive cock pointing towards me.

Debs looked over towards me laughing "don’t panic he’s not here to fuck you…..or maybe, but he’s here to fuck me and you get to watch"  ..........the rest of this story is within the members section  

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