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Screen shots below are taken directly from video " Dude your Wives a Squirter"

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Fact some women gush cum
Don't believe it? then watch the videos ........

Squirting wives !!! you know many will say wives can't squirt, gush or if we were to use a wikipedia type term "female ejaculation" either way we are talking about cuckold squirting wives.

If you don't believe these wives can do that then read on as trust me "some" women can soak you in cum juices and here we look at some of these extremely talented women

The theme of cuckold squirting is something that few studios have really attacked, probably one main reason due to the amount of porn stars that really can gush cum juices when they cum, but cuckold studio Roman do have some of these talented women

You maybe wondering why I'm using the word "talented" the reason being first not every women can gush cum juices and having had the please of one suck cuckolded wife soaking me in cum its just about the best sex I've every experienced in my life and should you be able to find one get ready to take a soaking

For some they will say that female ejaculation is just wives pissing themselves, to those I say watch the videos below then tell me these women are all pissing over their husbands or bulls, as trust me this is not piss

Check out whats on offer and enjoy reading the review on one of the best squirting cuckold wives videos I've streamed for a long time

Reviewed "Cuckold Fantasies 14"

  • Cuckold Fantasies 14 - And enter the wife "Flower Tucci" and this is one women that will soak you on the other side of the room as not only does she get soaking wet but gushes cum

    The theme like all other Roman Video is around the wife abusing the hubby and no more is this the case with this clearly weak husband

    When returning home early one day the wife ( played by Flower Tucci) tells the hubby her training is coming round, but rather than just giving her a workout is also going to fuck her silly whilst he has the pleasure of watching

    But it doesn't end their as whilst this wife is getting fucked silly the hubby is under them licking the guys balls and getting soaked in cum and the wife cums and squirts cum juices all over the place

    His punishment doesn't end their in fact thats only the begging as they then move into the bedroom and his wife starts masturbating in front of them both a squirts across the room then makes the hubby come over and lick all the juices from her fingers and soaking wet cunt

    Like all Roman Streaming videos the action doesn't just stop at that and builds to a final scene where the hubby is made to wear a strap on dildo on his face and fuck the wife whilst she's getting a massive cock shoved down her throat

    It's a great squirting streaming movie and both fans of cuckoldry and gushing women will love this video


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