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Story - I watched my BBW wife fucking


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ssbbwWe get lots of different types of stories posted within members blogs, but this one is more a confession from a SSBBW cuckold husband about why he wanted to watch his fat wife getting fucked by other guys

Having looked at this members profile she ticks every box that a SSBBW admirer could ask for and if like myself you love your women BIG then I suggest you check out whats on offer from these VERY big wives

All the photos posted here are from SSBBW wives and whilst I've edited them to protect members identities you still can get a pretty good idea whats inside the members section that are looking for sex

Hi.........I have a bit of confession I just love watching guys fucking my BBw wife and as more guys fuck her I’m finding my interested are starting to go more extreme looking at ways that guys can fuck her whilst I watch

It all kinda started quite tame by posting in a cuckold personals site “ Any Guys Want to Fuck My BBW Wife” little did I know just what type of a response a posting like that would do within a cuckold forum .

Random SSBBW wives contacts photos ( edited )

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First a little about the little women……well for starters she isn’t any little women LOL as shes a size 24 so some would say a SSBBW but to me shes just a bbw that I love every inch – Shes a real stunner and nows just how to play the role of slut wife, although I am starting to wonder about just how easy she does act like a slut wife!!

But I'm not greedy husband, in fact I’m happy to have guys fucking her and it gives me a break plus I don't really want her all to myself as no single women like this should not be shared with others. In fact when we first got into the SSBBW cuckold scene I wasn’t sure how I would handle watching her with other males, but now nothing turns me on more than sitting back and watching her fucking strangers and enjoying the reaction of watching others pleasing her

One thing with my wife she is a real handful both in and out of the bedroom with her MASSIVE tits, huge ass & the most amazing curves she’ll send any SSBBW admirer into frenzy

Since we started within cuckoldry she's really got into fuck others but always whist I watch and every since the first time I saw her it was lust at first sight, but its only recent that we’ve been enjoying the swingers and cuckold husbands scene and whilst we wasn’t sure about the responses we would get as not all guys are into very larger women that have curves in all the right places

It was odd but I wasn’t sure how she would respond when I told her about cuckold sex but she was fascinated and wanted to know more. I told her about wanting to see her fucking others and at first was a little worried, but she instantly wanted to join a site and its been one hell of a ride every since

My wife is happy to let me pick her lovers so when guys send messages its always me that gets to see them first, then if I’m happy I’ll show her, but shes always pleased with the males I pick for her. I have a her taste in males to a fine art now…..hung LOL although she does have a thing for dark males not necessarily black just darkish guys

So we are at a stage where males are contacting us and I'm loving seeing these guys fucking her, so if you want to meet contact me or if like myself you have a big wife and you want to share her with others just one night slip it into conversation

"say hun, I want to watch guys fucking you"

you'll be pleasently surprised with her response if she's anything like my wife

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