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shocking CBT streaming porn - these images are from Brutal Femdom Ballbusting

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With extreme cuckoldry the husband is normally forced into role and doing things he's not happy about (at least in the scenario of role playing) and no more is that the case than submales

Submale streaming vod porn can head in several directions from just a bit of mild verbal humiliation to the extremes of being abused with balls being kicked and in case cases with some of the submale videos I've streamed that would still be class as mild!

Several studios have excelled within this submale genre and we don't have a sorted of videos in fact we currently have over 1200 videos featuring sub males all showing just how weak these husbands can be when a domineering wife turns her attention towards him

More often than not its his balls that get the attention and a women kicking a male in the nuts would be the least of your worries when a women walks towards you with a massive strap on attached and NO lude or cigarette that lit and these women have no interest in smoking a cigarette more like using your body as a human astray !!

Posted below are just some of the titles featuring males that will obey every request their mistress tells of them and then come back for more, for full list use the link on the bottom of this page

Features of Streaming Submales vids

  • Das Casting - when it come to submale/ bdsm and femdom porn theirs fe counties that will offer true hardcore porn with NO restrictions and when I say NO restrictions I really mean these german femdom women don't give a fuck about these submales which is pretty clear from this video. Lady Katherina is the featured femdom of Das Casting. This women lives to humiliates her willing subjects with anything shes pleases and performs Urethral play, CBT's, strap on action, and other very spectacular things that you really will never see on any other BDSM DVD, this is extreme hardcore done by one of the best german studios Stay tuned more will follow  
  • Brutal Femdom Ball busting 5 - OK this is so extreme I had to post screen shots on the page as its got some pretty impressive CBT kicking! yep thats right this bitch walks up to this submale and kicks him hard in the balls so much he blends over in pain and you know he comes back for more, but looking at this bitch I'd be more than up for some CBT from this total bitch. The other sexy babes on this video just love to see males in pain & agony while they punch, kick, knee, stomp, and torment men's naked genitals! great streaming porn  
  • Sissy Ho Busted - lets me first say I love sissy cuckold streaming and seeing these males turned into sissy maids right before your eyes is pleasing and some what fun, although probably not for them as thats probably the start of their ordeal as they first transformed into a women then abused and fucked like one by either males or strict femdom's that really seem to pass these weak males around as though they are just toys to be played with
  • Dance On Her Dick - this is 64 minutes of pure bliss with Jade Indica a girl that looking at her you wouldn't think would say boo to a ghost but this bitch once in control of a weak male turns her attentions to watch every enjoyment she wants and has no interest or concern about the male. This trip into subspace with Mistress Jade Indica with her service that involves her males sucking her her cock before making the males dance on her very large black strap on as she drives her cock deep inside finally gives out some harsh punishment towards his balls. 

These are just a few and we have over 1200 other titles ready to be viewed so sit back and enjoy and just make sure if your wife or mistress is around she doesn't see you streaming femdom porn ..............

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