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Hotwife fucks a guy then tells the husband.....

Hotwife from Surrey confession! this story was submitted to a members cuckold blog and tells what happens when the wife thought she was going to enjoy some time alone playing with herself in the shower until she was disturbed by a stranger watching her

And to finish things off after she fucked the guy in the shower she then told her husband about it and whilst most cuckold husbands like to watch there wives being used this Surrey wife was more than happy to tease the hubby

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I was in the shower and in no rush so I changed the head to jet and started playing it over my clitoris. I had to lean against the shower wall because very quickly I had a huge, juddering climax! I was having such a good time and I had the house to myself so I thought I'd carry on and play for a bit longer...

I sat down and spread my legs open so that the jet of water would hit the most sensitive part of my cunt which left my hands free to gently massage by breasts, I then started rolling my nipples between my fingers, I was so turned on that soon my nipples were leaking and was wetter and wetter and the whole of my cunt was engorged and throbbing- what I needed was a thick stiff cock....

I was toying with the idea of getting my dildo out when I heard a rhythmic slapping sound, I opened the door of the shower and let out a gasp! There was a man standing in the bathroom doorway!

He was wanking as he'd been watching me.... He was dressed in scruffy jeans and a plain shirt god knows who he was but I so wanted the feel of his thick glistening cock in me that at that precise moment I didn't care! I told him that he did everything I asked of him then I would let him stay..

He was happy with that so I told him to take his clothes off and fetch my dildo before being allowed to join me in the shower

When he got into the shower the first thing I demanded of him was that he lick my clitoris, he had a great technique and within a minute I had come all over his mouth and chin. His face was sopping wet and I licked it off and kissed him deeply, gently nipping his lips whilst stroking his massive cock. He was moaning and writhing and I was getting desperate for him to fuck me- but the anticipation and the glistening dribble on his cock was tempting so I bent down and licked the droplets off..

I took the end of his cock into my mouth and starting licking round the tip. He seemed to enjoy this so I carried on doing it for a while, at the same time I asked him to finger my cunt. I was still really wet and soon the whole of his hand was in me. It was nice but not the same as a really hard fuck so we changed position and he slipped his full length into my willing aching hole. It was too much for him and he was clearly going to come so I made him withdraw then masturbate onto my erect nipples.

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He shot his thick come all over my tits and just as his last drops were coming onto my aching nipple I forced his head down and told him to lick it all off. He took great pleasure in doing this and I told him to kiss me whilst he had a mouthful of our combined juices. The taste of his salty come and the smell of my musky come was really erotic and he was soon hard again. I asked him if he would still do as I asked and he eagerly said yes. So I commanded him onto his knees and started teasing his arse with the end of the dildo....

He obviously enjoyed this as his hips were rocking gently back and forth as I played the the tip of the dildo more firmly around his anus. I was conscious he might resist more force so I told him to go into the bedroom and lie down on the bed. Once he was spread eagled, I used our restraints to secure him fully into the position I wanted. I then took a blind fold from our bag of toys and placed it around his head, he didn't resist, if anything, he was more than compliant.

There he was, restrained, blind and very stiff, just how I wanted him. I'd already taken him my mouth, but now I thought I'd see how far I could go with the dildo. I'm not cruel, so I got some lubricant and put it on the end of the dildo and circled his anus with it....

He was quite enjoying the sensation- he couldn't see what I was doing, just feel...I decided to push a bit further and gently but firmly introduced the tip into his bum- he moaned, and it was a pleasurable moan. I asked him if he had done this before. He hadn't but it was a fantasy of his so I gradually pushed a bit harder on the dildo whilst stroking up and down the length of his erect penis with my other hand

Harder- he urged me so I gripped his penis more firmly, but he meant with the dildo so I did! He was taking about four inches now and his cock was throbbing and glistening. I lay down with my bum near his and my legs over his and started teasing my swollen pussy with the other end of the dildo. I then fucked myself - and him, with it until I came. My juices had run down the shaft of the dildo and the while thing was wet with sweat and come- what perfect lubrication for my arse....

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