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Hi we are new to the site and looking to meet with dogging males so that my mature wife can flash at guys at locations around where we live in Gosport Hampshire. We told about a few locations by stokes bay but that seems pretty dead so any Hampshire dogging contacts want to drop us a message or post it on the forum -
Gosport / Hampshire

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Any guys want to fuck my VERY horny dorset wife? she's slim and extremely attractive (see forums photos ) We used to use Studland Sand Banks in Poole but anyone living near there will know the police are hitting hard - We now use some of the picnic places around the New Forest so drop me a line and the attached photo in our profile shows my wife getting fucked on a picnic table in the New forest, fancy giving her one whilst I watch?
Poole / Dorset

Dogging message board 247
chat with dogging couples via forums ....

Lets be honest we all love a bit of dogging but finding safe places to meet with dogging contacts is getting harder with many dogging locations so over patrolled by the police its taken the "fun" bit out of dogging

Well now theres a safer and better way to meet up with dogging contacts by using a UK dogging forum and posting details of locations and places you use.

If your new the term "forum" basically its like a message board where people can post information and in this case that info is on current dogging locations being used and being a forum means members can respond and communicate directly with the member that started the dogging forum

What dogging forums offer is up to date information on locations and places to avoid so this means one thing alone thats safer places to meet with dogging contacts by arranging meets with couples that whilst maybe at lesser know locations means you'll be pre arranging so as good as guaranteeing meet with a dogging couple

Some people will say that by using dogging forums to arrange meets takes the fun away from dogging and whilst it does mean that when you go out you KNOW you'll be meeting with someone

Whats better driving to some public sex location not knowing you're going to meet anyone or heading out knowing your going to be fucking some dogging housewife

With thousands of couples and single males making postings within the forum its probably one of the busiest uk dogging forums going thats within a members only website

It doesn't matter where about in the UK your based from Scotland to Hampshire if you want to find current and up to date dogging meets with cuckold dogging couples then you really need not look any further than Cuckold 247 for the very best in current dogging locations

Free Features we offer Dogging cuckold Ads

As a member you'll full log access to the dogging forum that will give you the following great features making sure you get to meet up with dogging couples from across the UK and indeed Europe

  • Free access to forum
  • View members flashing wives photos
  • Read postings made by members detailing locations and times
  • Respond to members from postings
  • Access members cuckold personals adverts direct from forum
  • View the posted photos
  • Search forums by locations and keywords helping you find information

And whats even better is free members gain access to all the basic features we offer, so no longer are you going to be heading out to UK dogging locations hoping to meet up with contacts, now you can pre arrange meets and be fully informed about current and up to date dogging locations

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