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Master watched as West Midlands Doggers fuck me

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West Midlands Story !!! ...

I live in the West Midlands and for sometime have been involved within the BDSM scene after I meet up with a master

In the few months that I've been meeting my master it seems like he's been pushing me further and further but what I didn't allow for was him wanting to get into the cuckold scene, or at least watching me getting used!

It started one evening when I got a phone call from him telling me to get ready for him as he would be round tonight but it wouldn't be till 10ish which did seem a little late, but I knew my place not to ask anything of my master

I went upstairs and got ready for him as I knew he liked me looking slut like for him and once made up with a VERY short skirt and top went back downstairs and waited for him. The door went and getting up I was nervous about meeting him, but there again I always was and that was part of the excitement

He came in and had a bag with him and got out a leather dog collar and I thought mmm interesting, and putting it on me he then put a lead on my and was ready for him to order me onto my knees and walk me around like a dog, but instead told me to get my keys and we headed out, it was this stage that I was glad it was so late as he walked me towards his car and I got in

Once inside he placed a ball gag on me and I sat back not knowing what was going on as we drove off down the road, it wasn't long before we pulled into this small layby and parking up we walked down this little path that opened into a small park, that I didn't even know was there!

We then walked over into the corner and he tide the lead to the lamp post and placed a notice around my head telling dogger's to " fuck me, us me, but don't remove the gag" and with this walked away to the side of the park and I was just able to see him watching me

I stood there for what seemed like ages till I heard someone walking towards me, but from the sounds of things it was more like two people, once they got along side me and read the notice walked around and looked at me then one of the guys pulled my skirt up showing off my little white knickers

He then pulled my knickers to one side and started rubbing my clit gentle at first then pushing a couple of fingers inside me and looking over I could still see my master watching and knew by now that he was probably wanking off

I then heard the sound of a zip coming down and the other guy pulled my cheeks apart as a large cock slid deep into me almost making my legs go from under me and he then started to fuck me, it didn't take him long to cum and pulling his cock out heard the other guys zip and soon was taking another fucking

He fucked me for a while longer and was even able to bring me off before cumming himself and walking away they never said a word to me.

My master walked back over and pulling my knickers back up lead me off back towards the car and drove me home without saying a word!! I later got a text message from him telling me i'd pasted my first test .............fuck knows whats next

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