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Cum stained knickers!! wife shows husband her knickers after she gets fucked on a train and not only does this hotwife tell her husband she fucked a stranger on the train she then makes him lick her pussy clean !!

What would you do if your came home telling you she'd fucked a stranger whilst on a train journey home, but then showed you her knickers with cum stains from the guy and worst still showing cum around her pussy?

If that was my hotwife, I'd be on my knees licking her knickers and hopefully getting a healthy cum load as I lick her pussy, but there again I've been a submissive cuckold for some years and used to eating cum after my wife has fucked strangers, although I've always had the pleasure of watching her getting fucked!

Hi - wife wrote this story after my told me she'd joined a Manchester cuckold site so thought, I'd introduce us and post her story that recently happen to her / me and how my wife fucked a guy on a train then told me about it afterwards, whilst forcing me to eat his cum from her pussy

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I’d had a BAD day in the office and was traveling home, the train was its usual packed wall to wall and only standing room, looking around I noticed this attractive guy and started the process of chatting as we were virtually standing next to each, but this got a little more intense as the train shook /lurched bit and I made sure we made connection so much so I fell against him and placed my hand on his firm

We chatted some more and he told me about a seat that he knew of and asked did I want to join him, intrigued I followed him through the crowded into the disabled toilets where he opened the door and walked me inside.

Now this was getting to much for a horny hotwife to cope with and decided that for once my cum eating cucky would have to be told about this afterwards and standing there looking at the loo and the movement gave me a plan to get my knickers

I told him that’s I needed pee and he said he could wait outside and told him not to worry and to move to one side and pulling my knickers down started pissing – it was odd pissing in front of another male and this REALLY was turning me on and after finishing, I told him I’d finished but was still sat down with my knickers at my knees

Turning around her saw me squatting with panties and skirt round her ankles, looking at me he smiled and got his cock out and walked towards me and I started sucking him off whilst still sat on the toilet, he pulled his cock out telling me that his stop was soon and with that I stood up and leaned against the wall

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Pulling my cheeks apart gave him the option of fucking my pussy or arse and he took the pussy and pushed his dick straight inside me and starting fucking hard and fast, it didn’t take long before we both had forgotten where we were and we both making a lot of nose especially when we both came

He put his cock away not before letting me suck his cock clean and sliding my knickers back on could feel all his cum tricking out onto my knickers, which then gave me a plan to show my little cucky

Once home I walked into the front room and pulling my dress up I told him about fucking a stranger on the train and how he came inside me and it was his job to clean the cum – lying on the floor I squatted over his face and sat down on his face making sure he got every drop of cum, but finishing off by forcing him to lick the crouch of my knickers clean


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